Mack Scharff


Mack Scharff, Boneless over a Handrail: Shot by Bram De Martelaere



Mack Scharff’s epic clips and dope edits for Deluxe have become a major contribution to the SF-based distribution company’s ever flowing stream of video releases. Containing

Brian Panebianco



Brian Panebianco is a skater and filmmaker from Philly who’s the main lensman for Sabotage. His filming is on point and so is his skateboarding. There are not many skaters out there who have such a noticeably strong

Alice Smith

Alice Smith Shot by @whistonphoto


Alice Smith is a skater living in Birmingham sponsored by Nike SB who runs Brum Girl Skate.

She’s got a creative trick selection, stylish No Complys and does original tricks on ramp and street.

Tony Ferguson



Tony Ferguson is a legendary Girl Skateboards pro and the founder of Rone footwear.

Tony’s shoes are a lot like his skating. Classic shapes, comfortable style, made with attention to detail, that’s ready for all street terrain.


Chris Emery



Chris Emery is a skater and filmmaker from Wolverhampton, England who runs Wolftown Skateboards.

His dedication to documenting skateboarding in Wolverhampton is unparalleled in both quality and quantity.

Over the last decade he’s produced a series of full-length

Mario Realegeno


Mario Realegeno is a skater and artist from Los Angeles.

Mario’s skating came to our attention looking through Matt Rodriguez’s Es La Boom skate roster where his creative style stood out to us.

So as Matt is one of

Mia Gurary


Mia Gurary is a skateboarder and artist who runs Slacker. Through her creative brand she’s experimented with different forms of art, produce work in several mediums and made tighter connections with her crew and the collective of creatives she’s

Ted Barrow



Ted Barrow is a skater, art historian, lecturer and social media personality most well known for his former satirical skate account Feedback TS. His acerbic, assertive and always on point satirical skate commentary made him a household name

Paul Sunderland

Paul Sunderland is a skateboarder and musician who has been running punk and metal label Give Praise Records since 2005. You can see from his company’s collaborations with skate musicians and it’s skateboarding graphical output that he’s devoted to skating

Henry Edwards Wood



Henry Edwards Wood produces skate videos that transcend the boundaries of art and skateboarding cultural documentation. His relentless drive to hone his craft and capture unseen skate talent, impactful tricks and the intangible moments that he manages to

Zach McAdam



Zach McAdam is a skater and filmmaker from Lancashire who runs the Panasonic Youth brand. His skate crew, based in Sheffield and the North of England, has an eclectic bag of styles and mix of personal tastes but

Al Hodgson




Al Hodgson is a skater and filmmaker from Brighton, England who runs Orwellian World Landscape. He’s produced a plethora of videos and products, where he displays his curious fascination with dystopian worlds, the inner and outer workings

RB Umali


R.B. Umali is the filmmaker behind one of street skateboarding’s most treasured visual gems, the Zoo York Mixtape video.

He captured the raw intensity of East Coast skating in a finely polished way that inspires skating, fashion and music

James Bush

James Bush connects the dots on tech tricks that many cannot. His passion for complex constructions doesn’t just end on his board, he also works as a graphic designer which just further draws his focus into laying down well-spaced lines

Matt Rodriguez

Matt Rodriguez’s skateboarding, music and art is flowing, fluid and fast. He’s got a unique, loose style on a board and a diverse trick selection and his spontaneous approach to skating on all-terrain oozes with creativity. So it’s no surprise

Rich Smith


Rich Smith is a skate filmer and brand owner who has made his name by creating jazz-infused skate company Skateboard Café and also capturing hours of quality footage with skaters on his team and hundreds of others around the

Kevin Romar

Kevin Romar is a skater and DJ who has done some of the gnarliest tricks with the smoothest style. He’s got a twisted trick selection.
Kevin also regularly makes quick power moves on his turntables for thousands of nightgoers for

Spencer Fujimoto

Spencer Fujimoto has skated for some of the most prestigious skate companies of all-time. As a kid, he was part of the original 90s World Industries team. During his teens in SF he was a local at EMB and by

Alex Olson

Alex Olson’s ability to skate anything in his path, at the kind of speed you should really be wearing a helmet to handle, saw him landing memorable video parts for Girl, Lakai, Nike and Supreme from the early-2000s onwards –

Patrick O’Dell

Patrick O’Dell is a skate photographer and filmmaker who created the Epicly Later’d series.

Utilising interviews and archive footage Patrick’s online skate docu-series showcased the lives, successes and struggles of skateboarding’s most interesting and elusive personalities.

It’s one of the

Alphonzo Rawls

Alphonzo Rawls is an innovative skater, shoe designer and graphic artist who turned pro in the early 90’s.

Alf went pro at a time when skateboarding was changing at an incredibly quick pace and although skateparks were being shut down

Dan Mancina

Dan Mancina is a blind skateboarder who does gnarly tricks and tech ledge moves. But that’s not the only thing that defines his story. Dan’s passion to pursue challenges is unending.

His lack of sight hasn’t slowed down his ability

Daniel Castillo

Daniel Castillo, Frontside 360, Shot by Seu Trinh


Daniel Castillo is one of the most stylish skaters to ever do it, who has skated for Chocolate Skateboards since it began.

His unique style and tricks have inspired skaters to

Mike York: Reel Cool Interview


Mike York has done some of the most stylish skateboard tricks ever.

His unique skills on a board and infectious sense of humour permeated through the screen in his iconic parts for Girl and Chocolate.

His footage showed how

Don Pendleton


Don Pendleton is one of the most prolific and productive graphic artists of all-time.

Born in America’s Midwest, his art’s unmistakable hard lines, affinity for nature, and surreal framing has left a firm imprint on skate culture that is



Weckingball is The Internet’s own self-proclaimed ‘Most Jacked Skater’ whose made his name from debunking manuals, doing incredible Frontside Flips and delivering a new kind of skate entertainment.

He brings something new to skateboarding and we are super stoked

Marisa Dal Santo

Marisa Dal Santo is one of the gnarliest skaters to ever do it.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, she launched into the skate world with an unforgettable part in Zero Skateboard’s Strange World. In that video, she skates some of the

Angel Acevedo

Angel Acevedo is a skater and artist from Pennsylvania who runs Terror of Planet X, a sick new East Coast board brand.

TOPX’s nods to graphic novels and nostalgia are unique and creative but it’s not just its boards and

Kenny Reed

Kenny Reed, 360 Flip, Photo by Patrik Wallner


Kenny Reed‘s skateboarding is synonymous with exploration, his iconic video parts are filled with some of the best tricks and most obscure skate spots ever skated.

His nomadic pro skate

Henry Jones

Henry Jones is a skater and illustrator


When did you first start drawing?

 Both of my parents are pretty talented artists, and as far as I can remember I’ve always had a marker, crayon, pen or pencil in my

Joe Krolick

Joe was a filmer at 411VM and is one of the most prolific skate filmers ever


When did you first pick up a camera?

I first picked up a video camera when I was 13. I broke my leg

Forde Brookfield

Forde is a skater and filmmaker based in Sheffield


I think the relationship between skateboarding and art is on a fine line.


When skateboarding originated although it wasn’t seen as art it was a way of expression for


Ragdoll has done some of the gnarliest tricks ever on a skateboard but everybody knows his skating brought more to the table than that. He took classic tricks to dizzying new heights.



ragdoll hollywood

Ragdoll, Hippy Jump, Hollywood


Harry Chilcott

Harry is a skater and artist who runs DISJOINTED


I think skateboarding and being creative go hand-in-hand.


Skateboarding exposes you to so many things from fashion, filmmaking, photography… the list is endless but even if you don’t get

Mike York

Mike is a pro skater and company owner


My name is Mike York and I’m am a proud father of two, a professional skateboarder and I run Roller Horror.


For me, the relationship between skateboarding and art to …

Michael Sieben

Michael Sieben is an artist, managing editor of Thrasher Magazine and co-owner of Roger


I run Roger, make art, skate, hang out with my family and friends, go swimming and read novels. I also enjoy eating breakfast tacos and

Zered Bassett

Zered is a pro skater who creates street art as Paper Skaters

I’ve been into photography for half my life and over the past few years have been doing a project called Paper Skaters.

Paper Skaters is mostly street

Erik Ellington

Erik Ellington is one of the most stylish skateboarders of all time and is the creative driving force behind Deathwish Skateboards


What do you think about the relationship of skateboarding to design and creativity, and what’s your approach to

Feedback TS


Ted Barrow aka Feedback TS is a Satirical Skate Critic.



You’ve critiqued a load of skateboarding and honed an enjoyable style in the process – why did you decide to start Feedback, and how long have you

Jeremy Wray

Jeremy Wray is a skater, artist and designer who has done some of the gnarliest tricks ever



Do you think there’s an inherent link between skateboarding and creativity?

I believe it’s all undeniably linked – at least, it …

Deville Nunes

Deville Nunes is a skater, Powell TM and a photographer


Born to a lawyer father and a circus performer mother, skateboarder and photographer Deville Nunes had already lived in five countries before he started skating in his teens.

Nicolas Morales

Nicolas is a skateboarder, artist and filmmaker from Argentina


I am the editor-in-chief of Detiro skatezine, an autogestive, open call, fanzine to promote local and around the country skate artists for free.


I also founded Escoba Films with

Big Aye Skateboards

Matt is a skater from England who makes custom skateboards at Big Aye Skateboards


I handcraft skateboards and engrave them with custom artwork, as well as my own artwork… Skateboarding in itself is an art, with the freedom to …

Callun Loomes

Callun Loomes is a filmer who runs Get Lesta



What’s your approach to skateboarding, design and filmmaking?

Wing it. No – I’m sure, like me, everyone looks back at things they did and thinks, ‘What was I thinking?’ …

Rory Nelson

Rory is a West London-based skater, musician and DJ who plays under the name Adibanti


I’m a multi-instrumentalist ,playing keys, guitar, bass, sax, synths and I sing but I write and produce all different types of music from, Underground

Bobby Puleo


Bobby Puleo is an East Coast Street Skateboarding Legend.

He’s known for his unique artistic style and defiant commitment to creative exploration on and off his board.

He owns and runs online-based board brand VICTIM



What’s your

Biko Issah: Reel Cool

Biko is a tattoo artist and illustrator whose photorealistic style is so accurate it’s scary.

When we discovered Biko’s talent we had to make him a member

Since he joined a lot has changed for Biko.

He moved to Barcelona,

Yoon Hyup’s Best Ever Interview

No Comply Guy and New York city-based skater-designer Yoon Hyup is amazing. He’s one of the most fascinating and unique illustrators out there.

So we hit him up to deliver to you a whole new kind of interview to find

Doobie Doodles

Zander Sattee is an artist and skater who runs Doobie Doodles 


I draw, make music, make videos, design clothes, and sometimes try to make short cartoons.


I think skateboarding inspires me partly just because I love it and …

Jazz Wade

Jazz is a skater and illustrator


Skateboarding is the best thing out there! It opens your eyes to such a varied and creative world, it gives you the chance to meet so many people and look at life around …

Boss Dog

Mikey McKennedy is a skateboarder and artist


I’m an artist and a creative spirit who grew up skateboarding and making art so my creative process always takes in everything that I thought that was cool when I was a

Mister Tucks

Mister Tucks is a skater-illustrator who runs Temple of Skate


My real name is Tuck Wai but my friends from the online community know me as Mr Tucks. I’m an illustrator.


Skateboarding was my main source of inspiration …

Dan Joyce

Dan is a skateboarder and filmmaker and photographer. He starred in MTV UK’s ‘Dirty Sanchez’


I run my own film company Joyce Division and I have started taking 35mm photography and I’ve just made my first zine this year.

Kim Sedman

Kim is a skater and illustrator based in London


After I broke my leg I realised I couldn’t physically be a part of the skate scene in the way I once was so I started drawing my friends skating

Dinero DIY

Dinero DIY is a skateable art experience in Spain


We are Levanna and Eve. We are skaters, DJs and DIY makers.

Art and skateboarding are instrinsically linked and we love to explore ideas that fuse the two together.


The Hated Skateboards

The Hated are a collective of skateboarders and artists


Our relationship with skating is a love/hate one, we love to skate and hate injuries. We love creativity…having an idea and pursuing that into something real is very satisfying. starting

Russ Longmire

Russ is a skateboarder and illustrator from Liverpool


I create black and white, brush and ink illustrations under the name Sketch Stance. The name spawned from a fanzine many years back. I curate monthly exhibitions on the walls at

Louis Slater

Louis Slater is a skater and artist who runs Sex Skateboards


Lately, I’ve been painting a lot. I think the thing that keeps me painting is detaching my brain from the physical world that we see, and creating something …

Jenna Selby

Jenna is a skater and photographer based in London


For me skateboarding and photography have always has gone hand in hand.


I started photographing friends down at Long Live Southbank in the late ‘90’s ( which was also

Cosmo Pyke

Cosmo is a skateboarder, singer-songwriter from South London


I think the relationship between skateboarding and making art is an important one.


Because the skateboard can be an instrument too and you can make sounds and movements out of

Ross From Friends

Felix Weatherall makes music as Ross From Friends


For me, there has always been an important relationship between skateboarding and music.


Not only in a directly audio-visual sense, which you see often in a skaters’ music choice in

Jean-Charles Leuvrey

Jean-Charles is a skater who runs Hotel Radio Paris


I used to work as an international banker but after 10 years away from France, I’m back in Paris working on Hotel Radio Paris.


As a kid, I mainly …

Biko Issah

Biko is a skater and artist from London


I’ve never really thought about the connection between skateboarding and making art too much. Although, there’s definitely a similarity in the thought process.


In the same way that you might

Chris Morgan

Chris is a skater who runs Science Skateboards


Skateboarding and creativity go hand in hand. The very nature of skateboarding is to be creative since we utilise the streets and architecture in ways that they were never intended to …


Fos is a skateboarder and artist who runs Heroin Skateboards


My urge to skate, paint, design, film tricks and edit videos all come from the same place. I think skateboarding, making art and my creative process are all related.

Simon Peplow

Si Peplow is a skater and artist from Birmingham


Skateboarding and art are inextricably linked – one informs the other & vice versa.


Both are legit lifestyle pursuits which require boundless energy, creativity, imagination, contemplation, integrity and heart.

Joe Gavin

Joe Gavin is a pro skater, artist and filmmaker


I think I’m one of those people who always wants to make something. Whether it’s skateboarding, film, art or whatever!


I just need to keep busy and all those

Kyle Platts

Kyle is a skater and illustrator based in London


My name is Kyle Platts, I grew up in Sheffield and I’ve been living in South East London since 2008.


I think the key to making art and to

Eloise Dorr

Eloise is a skater and artist

What do you think about skateboarding, making art and your creative process

I’ve always seen art and skateboarding as very similar creative outlets – that’s why the two fields cross over in so many …

Greg Conroy

Greg is a skater who runs Serious Adult skate company


I’m a decorator and in my spare time I draw, what I hope, are funny insights into the skateboarding community.


I think skating as a hobby, pastime or

Rob Salmon

Rob shoots photos, skates and runs Eastern Skate Mag


I’m a skateboarder first and foremost but I’m also a photographer and I film sometimes. I run a skate mag called Eastern. I also work a 9-5 for an engineering …

Josh Church


Josh Church is a skater, filmer and editor from London