Ed Syder

Ed Syder’s illustrations are drawn from a love for skateboarding and his vested interests in the pop culture, music and film that captured him as a kid. So it makes sense that a film that featured skating first inspired him

Luka Pinto

Luka Pinto’s spontaneous street skateboarding is a great thing to watch but there’s more to it than your eyes notice at first. He’s a skater and artist from Jersey, England a remote island where things regularly grow in isolation.


Todd Francis

Todd Francis’ provocative graphical style is imprinted into the history of skateboarding.

A brilliant artist with a great sense of humour is rare but one with a dedication to shifting general perceptions through their graphics that make skaters laugh is

Henry Jones

Henry Jones is a skater and illustrator


When did you first start drawing?

 Both of my parents are pretty talented artists, and as far as I can remember I’ve always had a marker, crayon, pen or pencil in my

Bobbi Abbey: Reel Cool

Bobbi Abbey is a skater and painter-illustrator from Leeds, England.
His head-turning illustrations use graveyard laden imagery, the undead and the macabre to create absorbing, dense surrealist collages.
Bobbi has been a member for a while so we did this

Postcode Draws

Alex Ives is a skater and artist from Leicester England


I’m a dad and I work in a call centre. A lot of the time I draw what’s in my head like the pop culture and hip-hop culture that

Tom Delves

Tom is a skater and artist based in London


Being a skateboarder just exposes you to loads of other creative stuff such as the music in skate videos and the graphics on boards and ads.


I think that …

Boss Dog

Mikey McKennedy is a skateboarder and artist


I’m an artist and a creative spirit who grew up skateboarding and making art so my creative process always takes in everything that I thought that was cool when I was a

Goblyn Crew

Goblyn Crew is run by Dan Robinson a skateboarder and illustrator who creates 3D design, ceramics and clothing


Skateboarding and art go hand in hand. Skateboarding is an art form and there are so many skateboarders out there killing

Benny Brown

Benny is an illustrator and skateboarder from Felixstowe


Drawing and skateboarding are my two main passions in life and I’m lucky to spend most of my time doing both of them. From a young age skating helped me to

Mister Tucks

Mister Tucks is a skater-illustrator who runs Temple of Skate


My real name is Tuck Wai but my friends from the online community know me as Mr Tucks. I’m an illustrator.


Skateboarding was my main source of inspiration …

Dylan Goldberger

Dylan is a skater and illustrator living in New York


I do a lot of traditional woodcut printmaking and screen printing. Lately I’ve developed a digital style which helps when working on illustrations with clients.


I worked part-time

Charles Neilson

Charles Neilson is a skater and artist based in Ireland


I work in Illustration, animation and motion graphics. I’ve worked for Frank Skateboards, Stance Socks, Grey Skate Mag, FTC Barcelona and Brut Magazine. I spend my time skateboarding or

Marc McKee

Marc is a skater and artist from California


My name’s Marc McKee but a weird thing to think about is that I was adopted when I was 2 months old, so I must have had a different name before

Leon Was Here

Leon Washere is a skateboarder who creates animations


I steal clips and color on top of them amongst other things. There’s correlations to the process and the time it takes to do these animations, about 6-8 hours for every

Mark Pritchard

Mark is a skater and painter based in Bristol


I moved back to Bristol after being in Sheffield for 8 years, I help out at Fifty Fity Store but I’m pursuing a career in Motion Graphics, Post Production and …

Pete Sharp

Pete is a skater and artist


I don’t skate anywhere near as much as I’d like to these days and I reckon that definitely has a negative impact on my work.


Skating is like hanging out with your

Niels Rost

Niels is an artist and skateboarder


After living in Colchester for eight years, I moved back to Berlin in 2010, where I’m still living now. In England, aside from gaining a pretty strong Essex accent, I grew up skating

Tom Lodge

Tom is a skater and illustrator


My work is pretty much all monochromatic pen and ink – I think I might have used colour once upon a time, but I can’t be sure.


Even if you don’t take

Dwayne Coleman

Dwayne is a skateboarder and artist based in London

I don’t want to make ‘skart’ – I think most skate-art is pretty bad and repetitive but I don’t wanna say that it doesn’t influence my work. I guess the main

Nathaniel Jones

Nathaniel Jones is a skater and graphic designer based in Bristol


My name is Nathaniel Jones. I’m a graphic and apparel designer. Alongside that I sometimes make graphics for brands I’m into like Quartersnacks and The Quiet Life. I

William Ryan Coulson

William is a skateboarder and artist based in Canada


I skateboard and make stuff. Honestly, I try to get my hands in to everything. Mostly illustration, but I do a bunch of painting, sculpture, motion graphics, furniture design, anything …


Cosme is a skateboarder and illustrator who lives in London


Skateboarding has taught me to look at things. I face all things the same way I learned to face a spot or to try a trick.


Some days …

Gaurab Thakali

Gaurab is a skater and illustrator


I think skateboarding and making art are very similar to certain extents and both are heavily intertwined to me personally.


I started skateboarding before I started making art and being exposed to …

Jon Horner

Jon is a skater and illustrator


When I’m working I can get pretty tightly wound.


I tend to do long hours hunched over at a desk so any chance I get to go and flail around near a

Alisdair Smith

Alisdair Smith is a skater and artist from Birmingham


As skateboarders we all understand that we have an ability to read architecture in a different way to other people. It’s a uniquely creative skill.


But its not just …

Dan Clarke

Dan is a skateboarder and illustrator from London


A lot of my inspiration for drawings and paintings come from my roots in skateboarding.


My everyday observation of space and architecture is influenced by searching for skate spots in …

Arran Gregory

Arran Gregory is an artist and skateboarder


I think art and skateboarding go hand in hand, I think they both come from a place of playfulness. It’s a very self disciplined form of playfulness. I think a lot of

Ashley Dhnoa aka The TRiP

Ash is a skateboarder and artist from Birmingham, England


There’s a strong connection between skateboarding and illustration. On virtually every skate product there’s a rich, diverse range of illustrations.


Every skater knows different skate brand styles. As skaters …

Simon Peplow

Si Peplow is a skater and artist from Birmingham


Skateboarding and art are inextricably linked – one informs the other & vice versa.


Both are legit lifestyle pursuits which require boundless energy, creativity, imagination, contemplation, integrity and heart.

Kyle Platts

Kyle is a skater and illustrator based in London


My name is Kyle Platts, I grew up in Sheffield and I’ve been living in South East London since 2008.


I think the key to making art and to

Eloise Dorr

Eloise is a skater and artist

What do you think about skateboarding, making art and your creative process

I’ve always seen art and skateboarding as very similar creative outlets – that’s why the two fields cross over in so many …

Greg Conroy

Greg is a skater who runs Serious Adult skate company


I’m a decorator and in my spare time I draw, what I hope, are funny insights into the skateboarding community.


I think skating as a hobby, pastime or

Dan Tomlinson

Dan is a skater and artist


Well firstly, I feel that if it wasn’t for skateboarding, I wouldn’t have ended up getting into drawing and design. The designs and illustrations in skateboarding are part of what drew me to …

Joe O’Donnell

Joe is a skater and artist


I ride my skateboard and make pictures and I owe a lot, if not all of my interest in illustration and art in general to skateboarding.


Skateboarding opened me up to a …

Darren John

Darren is a skateboarder and illustrator


My work often promotes off-kilter character-driven concepts and it has been exhibited in galleries nationwide and internationally.


I’ve worked occasionally within the skateboard industry and on commercial projects.


I dedicate all

Trav Wardle

Trav is a skateboarder and artist based in Devon, England


The No Comply Network will bring creative people who are enthused and guided in some way by skateboarding together.


Skateboarding offers so much in opening minds to so …

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy is a skater and artist sponsored by Magenta Skateboards


Skateboarding and painting go hand in hand. I feel like some of the abstract shapes I create on a canvas mirror the act of skating sometimes; The spontaneous flicks, …