Charles Neilson is a skater and artist based in Ireland


I work in Illustration, animation and motion graphics. I’ve worked for Frank Skateboards, Stance Socks, Grey Skate Mag, FTC Barcelona and Brut Magazine. I spend my time skateboarding or making fun stuff.

I see art and design the same way I see skateboarding. They’re what I do to have fun. They give me a cathartic release.

I see things when I’m out skating that help me feel like I’m a spectator looking in at the rest of the world. This helps my creative process for coming up with new work.

From people shooting Heroin at the spot to a group of guys all walking around with the same hair cut. It’s all just little sparks of inspiration. I love drawing or writing something on my grip tape. Makes looking at your board a bit more spicy when it’s feeling dead, revitalises it. They all go hand in hand.

Skaters who inspire me

Dallas Rockvam makes the best board graphics!

Tommy May creates beautiful work

Mister Everybody is blowing up at the moment. His work is rad!

Sam Curtin is a local skate filmmaker and artist

Sam Perkin Composer is my favourite skateboarder in music right now.

He’s a genius.

Local Millie Pratchett make super creative art work and kills quarterpipes.

My favourite artist is Keith Haring.

All of these people inspire me through their art and personalities


I love the footage remixes and vibe of the No Comply Network. It’s a fantastic resource to spread the word and highlight skateboarding creatives.


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