Charles Neilson is a skateboarder and artist based in Ireland

I work in Illustration, animation and motion graphics. I’ve worked for Frank Skateboards, @stancesocks@greymag@FTCbarcelona and @brutmagazine. I spend my time skateboarding or making fun stuff.

I see art and design the same way I see skateboarding. They’re what I do to have fun. They give me a cathartic release.

I see things when I’m out skating that help me feel like I’m a spectator looking in at the rest of the world. This helps my creative process for coming up with new work. From people shooting Heroin at the spot to a group of guys all walking around with the same hair cut. It’s all just little sparks of inspiration. I love drawing or writing something on my grip tape. Makes looking at your board a bit more spicy when it’s feeling dead, revitalises it. They all go hand in hand.

Skaters who inspire me

Dallas Rockvam (owner of @Frankskateboards makes the best board graphics! Tommy May creates beautiful work (@tommyteas) @mister_everybody is blowing up at the moment. His work is rad! @sam.curtin.14 is a local Skate film maker and artist (B McGonagall on youtube).

@Samperkincomposer is my favourite skateboarder in music right now. He’s a genius. Local @Milliepratchett make super creative art work and kills quater pipes. My favourite artist is #KeithHaring. All of these people inspire me through their art and personalities

I love the footage remixes and vibe of the No Comply Network. It’s a fantastic resource to spread the word and highlight skateboarding creatives.

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