Goblyn Crew is run by Dan Robinson a skateboarder and illustrator who creates 3D design, ceramics and clothing


Skateboarding and art go hand in hand. Skateboarding is an art form and there are so many skateboarders out there killing it with their own creativity and style.


Skateboarding is a chance to get away from it all and enjoy yourself and that’s what art is to me.


Keeping things fresh using different mediums and styles in art is fun to do and collaborating with others keeps ideas and creativity flowing. The same goes for skateboarding.


Gonz has always been the biggest inspiration, his creativity through his art, Krooked Skateboards and also his skateboarding is so inspiring.

Mark Fos has always inspired me, his involvement in the industry and churning out great graphics over the last 20 plus years for Heroin Skateboards and every other brand he’s worked on has been crazy.


Friendship Skateboards have such a good outlook on skateboarding. Having fun and backing people who are doing really creative stuff.


Others such as James Jarvis, Witchcraft Hardware, Joe O’Donnell, Blast Skates, Aaron Yant and Tom Day and Craig Questions inspire me too.


The No Comply Network is great, bringing light to the little guys who deserve exposure!


I’ve found a few new artists that I never would of seen before through it. It brings like-minded people together and I’m stoked to be a part of it.


I’ve just done some wheels with Super Toxic Urethane so check those out. I’ve got some new merch coming out soon so keep an eye out for that!