Reel Cool

Shit Pencil: Reel Cool

Illustration By Shit Pencil Shit Pencil is a skater and illustrator who makes some of the funniest art on the internet. His drawings and captions mesh out-of-the-box thinking, pop-culture and his bittersweet life experiences as a skateboarder to make jokes about the stuff that make us all laugh and cry. He’s reel cool so we had …

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Sam Barrett: Reel Cool

Serious Sam Barrett is an artist and skateboarder from Yorkshire, England who makes awesome rock music. He’s always making music, playing gigs or touring and skateboarding. He’s been skating for over thirty years.  Sam is as serious about skateboarding as he is about making music so we caught up with him to discover his favourite things …

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Biko Issah: Reel Cool

Biko is a tattoo artist and illustrator whose photorealistic style is so accurate it’s scary. When we discovered Biko’s talent we had to make him a member Since he joined a lot has changed for Biko He moved to Barcelona, started as a freelance tattoo artist, became a dad and has now moved back to …

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