Tyler Surrey


Tyler Surrey’s skating is creative, precise and stylish. Polished on the streets, parks and plazas of San Diego, his diverse bag of tech tricks and ability to put them down on all terrain in his path, in combination with

Tony Ferguson



Tony Ferguson is a legendary Girl Skateboards pro and the founder of Rone footwear.

Tony’s shoes are a lot like his skating. Classic shapes, comfortable style, made with attention to detail, that’s ready for all street terrain.


Mike Manzoori: In Focus Interview



Mike Manzoori’s skateboarding shows just one side of his creative talents but it was his pro career that put him on a path to filmmaking.

We were really interested to find out how exactly he made the transition

Mike Manzoori



Mike Manzoori is a skateboarder and filmmaker from England who lives in the USA.

Shredding on all terrain with a fast and loose style, Mike came up as a skater in an era when there was almost nothing

Yaje Popson




Yaje Popson is a pro skater for Alien Workshop who shoots photography and creates and collects art. He’s got a unique loose style on a skateboard and his tricks are super tech but he takes a fluid,

James Bush

James Bush connects the dots on tech tricks that many cannot. His passion for complex constructions doesn’t just end on his board, he also works as a graphic designer which just further draws his focus into laying down well-spaced lines

Kris Vile

Kris Vile is a skateboarder from Birmingham, England who’s been a standout presence on his board since the day he started. He’s always pushing himself to do the gnarliest and most challenging tricks he can on whatever is in front

Matt Rodriguez

Matt Rodriguez’s skateboarding, music and art is flowing, fluid and fast. He’s got a unique, loose style on a board and a diverse trick selection and his spontaneous approach to skating on all-terrain oozes with creativity. So it’s no surprise

Daewon Song

Daewon Song has pushed skateboarding in so many different ways it’s almost impossible to define. 

There’s no manual for Daewon’s technical tricks yet he’s been exploring the possibility of what he can do on a skateboard as a pro skater

Ray Barbee

Ray Barbee is a skateboarding pioneer and musician who put No Complys on the map in the 90s. If you’ve never seen his video parts or listened to his music, you need to. Just like the soulful sounds he makes

Alex Olson

Alex Olson’s ability to skate anything in his path, at the kind of speed you should really be wearing a helmet to handle, saw him landing memorable video parts for Girl, Lakai, Nike and Supreme from the early-2000s onwards –

Dan Mancina

Dan Mancina is a blind skateboarder who does gnarly tricks and tech ledge moves. But that’s not the only thing that defines his story. Dan’s passion to pursue challenges is unending.

His lack of sight hasn’t slowed down his ability

Daniel Castillo

Daniel Castillo, Frontside 360, Shot by Seu Trinh


Daniel Castillo is one of the most stylish skaters to ever do it, who has skated for Chocolate Skateboards since it began.

His unique style and tricks have inspired skaters to

Chet Childress

Chet Childress is a rapid firing ripper on his board and at the canvas.

An artist and a skater from a young age Chet turned pro and travelled the world nomadic style throwing down shocking tricks and documenting his experiences,

Alex Moul


Alex Moul is a musician and pro skateboarder from Oxford, England. Mouly invented tricks, got sponsored by Flip, made music, became a DJ and went pro. 

He’s done the impossible and more. We are stoked Alex Moul is now

Braydon Szafranski


Braydon Szafranski’s risk-taking approach to life and skateboarding was formed as a youth on the streets of Las Vegas. Instead of sliding coins into casino slots, he gambled with his body and mind by skating down the biggest stairs,

Kenny Reed

Kenny Reed, 360 Flip, Photo by Patrik Wallner


Kenny Reed‘s skateboarding is synonymous with exploration, his iconic video parts are filled with some of the best tricks and most obscure skate spots ever skated.

His nomadic pro skate

Madars Apse

Madars Apse, Nosegrind Pole to Fakie: Photo by Brian Gaberman


Against all odds Madars Apse became Latvia’s first pro street skater and one of the most famous pro skaters in the world.

When he started skateboarding Latvia didn’t have

Darrell Stanton

Darrell is a pro skater and business creative



Where did you grow up?

I first learnt to skate in the streets of Los Angeles, California.

I moved quite a bit, so it was really a matter of who …


Ragdoll has done some of the gnarliest tricks ever on a skateboard but everybody knows his skating brought more to the table than that. He took classic tricks to dizzying new heights.



Ragdoll, Hippy Jump, Hollywood


Torsten Frank

Torsten is a skateboarder from Stuttgart, Germany who is the Adidas global skate filmer



Hey Torsten, where in the world are you right now?

I’m sitting at home in Stuttgart; it’s snowing outside. I just opened some old …

Mike York

Mike is a pro skater and company owner


My name is Mike York and I’m am a proud father of two, a professional skateboarder and I run Roller Horror.


For me, the relationship between skateboarding and art to …

Zered Bassett

Zered is a pro skater who creates street art as Paper Skaters

I’ve been into photography for half my life and over the past few years have been doing a project called Paper Skaters.

Paper Skaters is mostly street

Erik Ellington

Erik Ellington is one of the most stylish skateboarders of all time and is the creative driving force behind Deathwish Skateboards


What do you think about the relationship of skateboarding to design and creativity, and what’s your approach to

Jeremy Wray

Jeremy Wray is a skater, artist and designer who has done some of the gnarliest tricks ever



Do you think there’s an inherent link between skateboarding and creativity?

I believe it’s all undeniably linked – at least, it …

Joey Pressey

Joey is a skater and musician


You skated for Heroin with Fos. How did you get on and how was it skating for them?

I’d just moved to London and had a flat to myself in Ladbroke Grove.


Bobby Puleo

Bobby Puleo is an East Coast Street Skateboarding Legend.

He’s known for his unique artistic style and defiant commitment to creative exploration on and off his board.

He owns and runs online-based board brand VICTIM



What’s your full

Corey Duffel: Reel Cool

Skaters who like big stairs and rails and artistic creatives have more in common then you think. Both take a lot of risk, foresight and follow through.

Both are also usually exhibited in front of large crowds of concerned onlookers

Simon Skipp

Si is a skater and artist who makes wood carving sculpture


My name is Simon Skipp, I use reclaimed skateboards to create what I would call low relief and fretwork style carvings either in the form of wall hanging

Vaughan Baker

Vaughan is a skater and artist from England


When I think about the relationship of skateboarding, making art and making stuff, I think, yeah of course, I mean it might be different person to person, but for myself it’s …

Nick Jensen

Nick is a pro skater and artist who runs Isle Skateboards


Skateboarding and making art both inspire me. I started skating because I saw some cool looking kids doing trick on a park bench and from then on I …

Jerome Campbell

Jerome is a pro skater and photographer


I really feel that skateboarding and photography, although, obviously incredibly different, share heaps of similarities.


I guess the most fundamental connection between the two is creative vision.


In both you’re

Chewy Cannon

Chewy is a pro skater sponsored by Palace and adidas


Basically I see skating as recreating what you see in the vision of your mind. You see. You imagine. You create. Like any art really.


A lot of …

Joe Gavin

Joe Gavin is a pro skater, artist and filmmaker


I think I’m one of those people who always wants to make something. Whether it’s skateboarding, film, art or whatever!


I just need to keep busy and all those

Stephen Roe AKA Rogie

Rogie is a skater and photographer-filmmaker


I’m a photographer and filmmaker, mostly working in the documentary world at the moment, and I’m also pro for Heroin Skateboards when my stupid chalk knees permit.


I think skateboarding, photography and

Glen Fox

Glen Fox is a skater and artist who’s Pro for Magenta Skateboards


The paintings that I make are often quite detailed and hectic. I like them to be concentrated so it takes the observer a while to look at …