Si is a skater and artist who makes wood carving sculpture


My name is Simon Skipp, I use reclaimed skateboards to create what I would call low relief and fretwork style carvings either in the form of wall hanging pieces or smaller household items like side and coffee tables and lamps.


The relationship between skateboarding and producing anything in the creative vein is very close.


To start with there is the vision of what you would like to create, then there is the mental preparation, then comes the execution.


Then finally there is the result. Sometimes the end product is not quite what you set out to achieve but that’s just a part of any creative process.


I think these days with skating as I get older the end product is not as polished as in younger days, suffering from sciatica and old age probably plays a big part in that.


I think I’m beginning to understand that my skating and art are both more akin to a sketchbook than a finished piece you know, just ideas that are thrown out into existence, not perfect by any means but an outline of an idea.


I’m studying with the Yah Bru Centre of Wasc and to be honest it’s very inspirational, skating with tight crew of elderly gentlemen that are as dedicated to creativity and skateboarding in equal measure.


Everyone knows that they’re not as nimble as they used to be but it doesn’t stop anyone from having fun.


I’ve also been watching the Jackson Casey‘s Pyramid country films a bit recently and they never fail to get me stoked.


I’m fully aware that they are not to everyone’s taste but they do it for me, pretty much unknown dudes skating great spots, interesting trick selection without being too jazz.


All set to the kind of music that you rarely hear in a skate film. There’s no holding back and trying to make the product cool or now, just pretty raw.

I’m really into the idea of a network of artists that are linked by their love of skateboarding and creativity.


I think it’s easy to get mugged off or at least mug yourself off when you spend your life skating and producing artwork as the skating will always naturally come first. I think it’s kind of a case of if you skate also do this other thing.


Unless they are lucky enough to do it as a day job, or have broken the ice and are selling work left, right and centre, it is easy for people to not take things seriously. I can’t wait for the exhibition and get to catch up with all the other guys .


I have been sitting on a fairly large body of work for the best part of a year, not posting on social media, as I was organising an exhibition at House of Vans with a few other guys that do stuff a little different from the norm.


I can’t wait to show some of the pieces that I’ve been holding back at the Beyond Skateboarding exhibition.


Also, I’ve been talking with and sharing ideas with a bad ass called Jim Rands, a skater/cabinet maker from Chelmsford. His work is amazing. I’m really excited to be working with him. Look out for that in the near future!!