Tommy Couzens

Tommy Couzens is a skater and artist based in London.

After seeing his creative approach to skating and then discovering he makes great paintings we had to find out more about him, so we hit him up for a chat

John Murphy



John Murphy is a skateboarder, rapper and skate video maker from The South West of England. His tech skating and verbacious lyrical output both contain inventiveness, ingenious and a unique quirky intricacy.

After discovering skating from American TV

Paul Sunderland

Paul Sunderland is a skateboarder and musician who has been running punk and metal label Give Praise Records since 2005. You can see from his company’s collaborations with skate musicians and it’s skateboarding graphical output that he’s devoted to skating

Matt Rodriguez

Matt Rodriguez’s skateboarding, music and art is flowing, fluid and fast. He’s got a unique, loose style on a board and a diverse trick selection and his spontaneous approach to skating on all-terrain oozes with creativity. So it’s no surprise

Ray Barbee

Ray Barbee is a skateboarding pioneer and musician who put No Complys on the map in the 90s. If you’ve never seen his video parts or listened to his music, you need to. Just like the soulful sounds he makes

Julian Klincewicz

Julian Klincewicz goes for everything on and off his board.

He skates anything at anytime, that he can find inbetween working as a film director, musician, photographer, fashion designer and model.

He’s created films and creative work for Louis Vuitton,

Alex Moul


Alex Moul is a musician and pro skateboarder from Oxford, England. Mouly invented tricks, got sponsored by Flip, made music, became a DJ and went pro. 

He’s done the impossible and more. We are stoked Alex Moul is now

Helena Long’s Best Ever Interview


Helena Long is a skater, musician and artist from South-East London. She was one of the first members of The No Comply Network and is one of the best skaters in the UK and beyond.

Her multi-skilled talents have

Joey Pressey

Joey is a skater and musician


You skated for Heroin with Fos. How did you get on and how was it skating for them?

I’d just moved to London and had a flat to myself in Ladbroke Grove.


Rory Nelson

Rory is a West London-based skater, musician and DJ who plays under the name Adibanti


I’m a multi-instrumentalist ,playing keys, guitar, bass, sax, synths and I sing but I write and produce all different types of music from, Underground

Zulu Kruze

Zulu is a skateboarder and musician from London


Growing up, skateboarding and music had a huge impact on my life and they definitely both go well with each other! I haven’t had a lot of time to skate lately …

Celeste Pearce AKA Version Girl

Celeste is a skate culture fan and DJ who runs Version Girl


I don’t do any one thing, to be honest, I do a selection of things to keep me busy which I enjoy. I love reggae, so I

Cosmo Pyke

Cosmo is a skateboarder, singer-songwriter from South London


I think the relationship between skateboarding and making art is an important one.


Because the skateboard can be an instrument too and you can make sounds and movements out of

Joel Perry

Joel is a skateboarder, motion graphics artist and filmmaker


Skateboarding and filmmaking go hand in hand, skating wouldn’t be where it is without the filmmakers.


Film lets you document your scene and capture memories. I fuse skateboarding with

Ross From Friends

Felix Weatherall makes music as Ross From Friends


For me, there has always been an important relationship between skateboarding and music.


Not only in a directly audio-visual sense, which you see often in a skaters’ music choice in

Helena Long

Helena is a pro skater, illustrator and musician


My name is Helena Long. I skate a lot, drum a lot, work a lot and enjoying illustrating things here and there.


I think skateboarding and the other artistic,creative things …

Jean-Charles Leuvrey

Jean-Charles is a skater who runs Hotel Radio Paris


I used to work as an international banker but after 10 years away from France, I’m back in Paris working on Hotel Radio Paris.


As a kid, I mainly …

Kyan O’Brien

Kyan is a skateboarder and musician from London England


Skateboarding is the reason I ended up making music.


My first proper job came from skating on the street and meeting a director who got me a job at …

Neil Bailey

Neil is a skater and musician from Birmingham


I like playing in bands and there’s so many aspects of skating that you can take in to your music, and I am liable to bend your ears about that, especially …


SENDAWG is a skateboarder and hiphop musician



Alice Price Styles

Alice is a music writer and skate culture fan based in London


I write mostly for Wax Poetics and have interviewed hip hop artists such as Prince Paul, Shock G, Souls of Mischief, and Bishop Nehru.


In Wax

Serious Sam Barrett

Sam is a skater, singer-songwriter and guitar player


Yeah, I get inspiration to write songs when I feel alive and skateboarding makes me feel alive.


On top of that nearly all my friends are skateboarders and so it’s

Jon Richards

Jon is a skater and musician based in London


I’ve played with Notorious Hi-fi Killers, Joeyfat, Unhome and produced music with Duke Garwood, Alexander Tucker and Part Chimp. My music’s been used by the BBC and I’ve composed music