Joel is a skateboarder, motion graphics artist and filmmaker


Skateboarding and filmmaking go hand in hand, skating wouldn’t be where it is without the filmmakers.


Film lets you document your scene and capture memories. I fuse skateboarding with motion graphics and rave visuals and I think graphics are important as they communicate what your brand or even your crew of mates is about


Bronze 56k videos have been a massive influence and I’d have to say the old Palace Skateboards videos were also inspirational, it was sick to see a brand using some old house tunes in their videos.


The No Comply Network is great as there are so many creative skateboarders out their and its cool to have them all in one place where people can have a browse until they find something they like, you have so many different styles of artist it would be pretty hard for someone not to find something they like


At the moment I’ve been working on another big skate video that will drop in the next year. I’m also working on a few music videos made from motion graphics which will be released soon.