Jim is a skateboarder and filmer-photographer


Skateboarding, photography and film are similar in a lot of ways. Each person involved has their own style and always have to bring creativity to any given situation.


This is probably why they all work so well together, as a filmer you can highlight the skating or as a skateboarder you can highlight the camera work.


I always try to take a photo or film it in new or different styles but sometimes the tried and tested methods can be the best with the skater leading the action and the filmer adapting to the spot and the situation.


My favourite stuff to watch is videos by the Gx1000 crew and the Static vids by Josh Stewart.


I guess when I film I try to take a bit of those videos in to my process. Those videos show you that you can make clips look enjoyable and sick to watch without it just being non stop 20 stair hand rails.


At the moment, I plan to just start filming again and I’ve got a few ideas for a new style of I want to bring into it this time round. I also want to take more photos and get into a dark room again.


The No Comply Network is rad. It showcases a lot of new talent as well as promoting people who have been doing it for a while. The more exposure to creative people in skateboarding the better. Even though someone might not be totally into your work maybe they can take a small piece of inspiration from it.