Andy is a skateboarder and filmmaker from Brighton


Well, skateboarding and film and video have always gone hand in hand.


It’s the evidence of your four-wheeled conquests. I feel I’ve always wanted to document these stand out happenings but also all the silly things that go on particularly in the UK skate culture which traditionally has been gloriously self-deprecating.


I think it is the combination of all of those things that drew me in and still make up my motivation to make skate videos now. The balance of silly and spectacular will always provide amazing subject matter.


I think my biggest influences to start were Stacey Peralta who did all the Powell videos and Scott Dittrich who did the Santa Cruz Skateboards ones. In terms of concept and capturing the vibe of how skateboarding feels to me are the best examples.


I think The No Comply Network is a good thing like anything that promotes connections between like-minded people and it seems very positive to me. Also when I clicked on your page the first clip was a hippy jump jam session. This pleased me greatly.