Kyle is a skater and illustrator based in London


My name is Kyle Platts, I grew up in Sheffield and I’ve been living in South East London since 2008.


I think the key to making art and to skateboarding is that you have to enjoy them in the first place. Both of those pursuits are difficult in the beginning, causing self doubt, but if you enjoy the learning process then it really doesn’t seem like work.


But that can change once you start making a living from the thing you love, and once it starts to feel like real work it’s a sign that something needs to shift.


Art and skateboarding of course have very different physical demands but motivation is just as important as skill in both.


My most recent commission was for More or Less magazine, the brief was to make a one page comic on the subject of recycling. The narrative was based around aliens discovering a derelict Earth and they attempt to make sense of what happened by looking at memes, I had a lot of fun with it.


I just finished a drawing for a group exhibition in Nuremberg. I was invited to take part by French Sayer who runs 101 Allersbergerstraße gallery, the brief was just to create an A4 piece of work.


The drawing I did was just some kids playing computer games and getting high in their bedroom, it’s not super intellectual but I just wanted to make something fun and nostalgic.


I joined The No Comply Network a long time ago, in the time that I’ve been involved I’ve seen it grow a lot. I enjoy seeing the events and comps, I’d love to see more of that go down.