Brian Lotti


Brian Lotti is a revolutionary skateboarder, painter and filmmaker who invented a series of pivotal tricks in the 90s and went pro but as quickly as he shot into the fame in the industry he suddenly departed from skateboarding.

Ben Colen


Ben Colen is a skateboarder and photographer who’s eye for unique moments and steady judgement has allowed him to capture a series of the most standout skate photos.
It’s probably because Ben skated for such a long time before

Anthony Acosta


Anthony Acosta is a skate photographer with next level skills on his board and behind the lens.

Coming up in Cali he managed to get sponsored to skate and filmed some banging skate sections but he steadily became as

Jon Humphries

Jon Humphries is a skater and photographer from the Northwestern United States who has shot some of the best skate photos ever.

Jon has the innate ability to disappear with his camera whilst hanging with some of the most interesting

J. Grant Brittain

Photo by Mike Blabac


J. Grant Brittain has been at the forefront of skate photography since the 1970s. He was the photo editor of Transworld Skateboarding for two decades and has shot some of the best skate photos ever.

Jeremy Wray

Jeremy Wray is a skater, artist and designer who has done some of the gnarliest tricks ever



Do you think there’s an inherent link between skateboarding and creativity?

I believe it’s all undeniably linked – at least, it …

Deville Nunes

Deville Nunes is a skater, Powell TM and a photographer


Born to a lawyer father and a circus performer mother, skateboarder and photographer Deville Nunes had already lived in five countries before he started skating in his teens.

Jacopo Tardito

Jacopo is a skater and photographer who lives in Barcelona


My name is Jacopo, I grew up in Northern Italy and have lived here in Barcelona for the last ten years.


I first started to skate in the

George Booth-Cole

George is a skateboarder and photographer


The connection between instinctual expression and technical ability is just one really important idea in skating and photography as for the most part, you need both to create anything in both mediums.


Mike O’Meally

Mike is a skater and photographer based in LA


I think skateboarding and photography feed off each other – skaters see photos in magazines and online and get inspiration to try tricks, skate hard, go to new places and

Chris Mann

Chris is a skater and photographer


As with many others, skateboarding certainly influenced and continues to inform my interest in photography.


It’s rather cliche but photographs are an intrinsic part of how we relate to skateboarding.



Jenna Selby

Jenna is a skater and photographer based in London


For me skateboarding and photography have always has gone hand in hand.


I started photographing friends down at Long Live Southbank in the late ‘90’s ( which was also

Fred Mortagne

Fred Mortagne is a filmer and photographer


It’s skateboarding that developed my creative side, so they are definitely totally linked up. I truly think it is something that needs to be promoted.


Being creative is something important in

Pani Paul

Pani is a skater and photographer based in London


Skateboarding does not inspire my photography. It’s more just something I do to take my mind off photography if that makes sense?


Photography is my job you know so

Tom Delion

Tom is a skater and artist from Deptford


Well I’m not the first to say this, but I feel that there are distinct similarities between street photography and street skating.


If you go out to shoot without a …

Joe Buddle

Joe is a skateboarder and photographer from London


I guess skateboarding and my approach to taking photos are pretty similar. Both take a whole lot of trial and error. Every time I shoot I’m learning and thinking about new

Daryl Dominguez

Daryl is a skater and DJ sponsored by Vans


Skateboarding is an expressive and creative art form in itself, so naturally the relationship it shares with other creative outlets like art and music are similar. They vibrate on a …

Danny Bulmer

Danny is a skater and photographer from Bournemouth


Skateboarding and documenting the act itself go hand in hand.


To me, there is nothing better than being able to freeze time, rewind and then relive the moment!



Jim Knight

Jim is a skateboarder and filmer-photographer


Skateboarding, photography and film are similar in a lot of ways. Each person involved has their own style and always have to bring creativity to any given situation.


This is probably why

Lewis Royden

Lewis is a skater and photographer from Liverpool


I believe having a creative process in your life is essential, skateboarders are lucky cos’ even though skating itself is super creative most skaters have another artistic direction as well. Looking

Jerome Campbell

Jerome is a pro skater and photographer


I really feel that skateboarding and photography, although, obviously incredibly different, share heaps of similarities.


I guess the most fundamental connection between the two is creative vision.


In both you’re

Tom Quigley

Tom is a skateboarder and photographer


I don’t know why visual arts have such a great tie with skateboarding – I mean, many have commented on the natural creativity that comes with skateboarding; creativity in terms of movement, style …

Keith Henry

Keith is a skater and photographer based in Vancouver, Canada


My father is a great artist so I had a really creative upbringing and skateboarding and photography obviously played a major role in my life from an early age

Jonnie Craig

Jonnie is a skateboarder and photographer based in London


I think the connection between skateboarding, photography and film is harmonious.


Growing up skateboarding, I think there is the natural urge to record what you’re doing and that ultimately

Alex Waldmeyer

Alex Waldmeyer is a skater and photographer based in Australia



What’s your full name, where did you grow up and where do you reside now?

Alexander Waldmeyer, Northeast suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, England



Grant Sorrell

Grant is a skater and photographer based in London


If it wasn’t for skateboarding, I probably wouldn’t be doing any of the things that I do right now.


Becoming a photographer was simply a byproduct of me being

Rob Salmon

Rob shoots photos, skates and runs Eastern Skate Mag


I’m a skateboarder first and foremost but I’m also a photographer and I film sometimes. I run a skate mag called Eastern. I also work a 9-5 for an engineering …

Leo Sharp

Leo is a skater and a prolific UK skate photographer


I’ve ridden a skateboard since about the age of 10 years old. I got my first camera at aged 7 and have enjoyed photography ever since.


I never …

James Harris

James Harris is a skater and filmer from Bristol


Most people know me as a skateboard videographer, which is something I’m extremely passionate about. I’ve worked on many skateboard company videos and a few independent projects.


My day …

Sophia Bennett

Sophia is a photographer who works at CERN in Geneva


When I shot photographs for LLSB I met a bunch of creative people and skateboarding really pushed my photography.


There’s a strong relationship between skateboarding and photography. The

Joel Peck

Joel is a skateboarder and photographer based in Berlin


My initial intrigue in photography was a direct result of skateboarding and specifically seeing Leo Sharp shooting at the MK Buszy when I was a kid and soon after seeing …

Stephen Roe AKA Rogie

Rogie is a skater and photographer-filmmaker


I’m a photographer and filmmaker, mostly working in the documentary world at the moment, and I’m also pro for Heroin Skateboards when my stupid chalk knees permit.


I think skateboarding, photography and

Josh Church


Josh Church is a skater, filmer and editor from London


Jim Craven

Jim is a skater and filmmaker from Manchester


For me, skateboarding is intrinsically linked with the need to document the act itself.


I got into filming skateboarding because as a kid the ‘filmer guy’ in my crew gave …