Rogie is a skater and photographer-filmmaker


I’m a photographer and filmmaker, mostly working in the documentary world at the moment, and I’m also pro for Heroin Skateboards when my stupid chalk knees permit.


I think skateboarding, photography and film are inseparable.


Skateboarding is completely visual, whether in real life or after the matter – watching others skate is what makes you tick as a skateboarder.


It’s what got you into skateboarding in the first place, and what kept you going…I started skateboarding after I saw it on Blue Peter years and years ago, and even though that’s in a slightly different context to typical skateboard media, it’s all still rooted in that visual element; so naturally film and photography go hand-in-hand with skateboarding.


As a skateboarder you grow up being incredibly exposed to art, whether that’s in the form of photographs in a magazine, or in a skate video or on board graphics.


It’s quite evident that a lot of skateboarders take an interest in artistic pursuits, whether that remains in the skate-world or expands into other industries – it doesn’t matter.


The No Comply Network is something that should be encouraged and promoted.