Lewis is a skater and photographer from Liverpool


I believe having a creative process in your life is essential, skateboarders are lucky cos’ even though skating itself is super creative most skaters have another artistic direction as well. Looking at skating through a lens makes it far more interesting I think, constantly searching for an ideal frame.


I love the challenge of making something mundane look impressive when most people wouldn’t look at it twice, it’s the same kind of insight as seeing a potential trick I guess, but with a camera you tend to look around the spot more, taking in the whole environment and looking for things that could make an image really interesting.


Shooting is in a way exactly the same as skating but I really get a buzz from pressing a shutter instead of catching a Kickflip.


I get inspired by far too many photographers to list but obviously Leo Sharp and Sam Ashley are a couple of the obvious ones, I envy their eyes.


In general though I like pretty raw stuff, old film, thrashing around, things done at speed.


Even in art, I love seeing shaky lines imperfections, I really like old contact sheets and film images, the lifestyle shots from road trips, that kind of thing.


Outside of skating, I’ve just started a video project documenting interesting people who I meet. I go and spend a day or two with people who have stories to tell and I make a little film giving an insight to their life or craft.


The No Comply Network is a fantastic idea.


Everyone knows skating has a tight knit community regarding how we all support each other and I think this network shows how that can all work.


To have a place where you can find like-minded people to link up with and do stuff certainly can’t be a bad thing, collaborations have never hurt anybody.


I tend to go out and shoot for myself and try and do justice to the mad stuff my friends are doing.


I’m always keen to collaborate with illustrators and painters too, I like seeing how they can use my images as a canvas for their own stuff, it’s always cool to see your own work through fresh eyes.