Beyond Skateboarding Deptford II



Photography by Josh Mansfield and Videography by Ryan Gabison

Words by Jason Caines




Beyond Skateboarding Deptford II was fucking rad.
We came back to the spot this time with a Land Rover DJ booth, built some stuff and took down a heap of product from HUF, Brixton, Levi’s, Slam City Skates and Keen Dist.



Caradog Emanuel



The board wallie was sick. We jammed a board into a grate and the jam went well.



Arthur Derrien


Sick stuff went down and it was a solid way to kick off the day.
The Slalom was tight…weaving in and out of the cones was fun. Thrills and spills, the whole thing was ill.
Sam Gosling took the fastest line with rad steez and serious speed.



Cam Barr



The Wallie to Ledge was a scene for sure. We kept it light on the ledge but heavy on the wallies.
Shoutouts to Cam Barr for Wallieing and Wallie Meloning the ledge to flat, that shit was insane.


Cam Barr, Caspar Barnett and Caradog Emanuel



The Long Ollie always makes us smile. Cam Barr went too far and laid down a 4.2M ollie, closely followed by Caspar George Barnett (4M) and Caradog Emanuel (4M) . The Highest Hippy went off!



Cam Barr



Serin Coles came down, set up and shut it down, he was the Highest Hippie for sure and jumped a massive 1.43M.

Serin Coles



That didn’t stop Cam Barr, Tyler Barclay, Adam Alaquai, Pani Paul and others from getting involved. Everyone went in.

Thanks to our sponsors and everyone who came down.




Andrew Herrington