Mike is a skater and photographer based in LA


I think skateboarding and photography feed off each other – skaters see photos in magazines and online and get inspiration to try tricks, skate hard, go to new places and enjoy new styles. I cannot imagine one with out the other. Sometimes it’s nice to just to go skate without any cameras around tho, just to be in the moment. That’s often when I get most inspired.


So much stuff it’s hard to name it all!!!…. but a few of my favourites are early 90’s skate companies, Alien Workshop, early Stereo Skateboards, aka the Stereo Sound Agency had great art direction and Photography. Music wise I am inspired by a lot of Manchester stuff, some new and older house music.


Palace Skateboards is always shining a light on new and different music and art, they are very inspiring, and I get to work with them a bit, so that is nice.


I think it’s great when skater’s take the initiative to start something on their own, rather than waiting for it to fall into place or get handed to them. So I approve and support The No Comply Network 100%.


I have been coming to London a bunch shooting with Palace – to work on some stuff that will come out with the video, so look out for that. Other than that – just trying to stay inspired on the day to day in Los Angeles, where I live