Fos is a skateboarder and artist who owns and runs Heroin Skateboards, Landscape Skateboards. He also created the visual identity of Altamont and Deathwish skateboards.

"My urge to skate, paint, design, film tricks and edit videos all comes from the same place. I think skateboarding, making art and my creative process are all related. That was my problem with art school, they're so quick to pigeon hole you into one discipline, but creativity shouldn't be so narrow. Look at David Lynch, he studied painting and is now an incredible film director who makes music and all kinds of other artistic things.

I grew up loving Neil Blender, Mark "The Gonz" Gonzales and Ed Templeton. They've always been incredible skaters who are creative artists in their own right. There's definitely something appealing to me about pro skaters who have a creative voice, It makes me feel that they are more invested in some way.

The No Comply Network is a good idea. There wasn't owt' like that when I was growing up in the days before emails and social media. I pitched my first graphics by sending a letter to Ed Templeton with some ideas and it turned out Ed was into em' and thats where I got my start.

I'm feeling slammed at the moment trying to finish the fifth Heroin video, Bath Salts, it looks amazing so far, I'm really proud of it, I think it'll be a good one. I do all the art direction for that and oversee the final edits. Its a lot of work as nowadays you need to get all the music you use cleared for iTunes, so I feel like I'm putting out fires every day with all that stuff.

I'm off to a friends recording studio tomorrow with one of the bands who're re-recording a track for Bath Salts, because the version of the song that we wanted to use in the video is actually owned by someone else, so we need a new master.

Good though"


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