Andrew is a skater and illustrator from Canada


I make drawings and graphics and paintings that are delivered in many ways and executions. When I was growing up skateboarding the creative pursuit seemed linked and inseparable so the skate world had a real impact on why I drew and made things. It was all one thing in my mind.


Now I’m not sure with the rise of the competitive aspect of skateboarding but I’m pretty sure that creative pursuits and skateboarding will always be linked even if it’s a minor concern for the majority of those rolling.


My inspiration comes from so many areas in skateboarding.


Andy Jenkins sparked me to make drawings with his comic Wrench Pilot.


Thomas Campbell’s body of work is pretty impressive. He showed me that you can make work in many mediums and formats. He’s a real creative force.


Chris Johanson’s art and Barry McGee are two of my favourite artists no matter what their links are.


I totally support the fact that The No Comply Network is a place that collects the creative skateboarder types in one place and continues to keep on the dialog between creativity and skateboarding without being too overt about it.


I’ll have a piece in the Long Live Southbank fundraiser and also I have a skateboard art piece in the Montana Skatepark fundraiser. I’m always down to help skateboarding where I can.