Zin is a skater and painter from Lithuania living in London


My full name is Zilvinas Vaitiekunas but everyone knows me as Zin.


I skate and make paintings and also experiment with other forms of visual art, like filmmaking.


In my experience art and skateboarding are very related. When I take a skateboard or a brush I find myself in a field where my thoughts are no longer present. That’s where my creativity is coming from. I believe that all the flow comes from the subconscious mind and complete awareness. That is why the style of my art and skateboarding are similar.


I’ve found many inspirations from other skaters definitely.

One of them is Stacy Peralta, he created many great documentaries films that inspired millions of skaters, including myself.


Also Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales. I love his art and skateboarding.


For me Mark is a good reminder to not take myself too seriously whilst out skating and always have as much fun as I can.


Also my mate Domas Glatkauskas is a constant inspiration because we have been creating art and skateboarding together since we were children.


I think that The No Comply Network is a great platform to gather creative skateboarders together, collaborate and have a chance to be seen by more people. I think that is what we need.


At the moment I am preparing for few exhibitions that will happen around the summer time. So I am doing a lots of painting.


Also I will be helping with the current Long Live Southbank project which is aiming to get the Old South Bank space to return it back to its original state for the skate community.


In the meantime I will be skateboarding and making art as much as possible, finding new spots and having fun with the crew.