Gabriel Viking


Gabriel Viking is a skater from Sweden who’s sponsored by Sci-Fi Fantasy. He’s got a creative bag of tricks and a unique, loose style. His free flowing approach to his skating is unique. He makes basic moves and the

Reece Knobloch


Reece Knobloch’s rise as one of Germany’s most standout skaters has elevated in our eyes and around the globe at roughly the same rate of speed he has rolled around his home country’s streets and skateparks.

Pushing with effortless,

Javier Mendizabal

Photo shot by @mikeomeally


Javier Mendizabal is a skater and painter from Spain. He burst onto the international skate scene with legendary sections for Cliché where he showcased his unique flowing relaxed style on some of the gnarliest transitions

Yves Marchon

Yves Marchon: Shot by @theotherhat


Yves Marchon is a skater and filmmaker based in Switzerland.

He’s worked for a series of top skate brands and was Element Europe’s main filmer and editor for over a decade. He’s captured some

Julien Januszkiewicz


 Julien Januszkiewicz is a skater and filmmaker living in Bordeaux who has been capturing standout French creative skate feats for over a decade. First out of necessity to film his brother Ben’s skate shop, Popular Skateshop’s team but later

Roberto Cuellar




Roberto Cuellar is a skater and artist from Mexico living in Berlin, Germany. His skateable sculptures are pieces of fine art. But there’s more to them than solid skate obstacles with intriguing aesthetics. As a skater and

Madars Apse

Madars Apse, Nosegrind Pole to Fakie: Photo by Brian Gaberman


Against all odds Madars Apse became Latvia’s first pro street skater and one of the most famous pro skaters in the world.

When he started skateboarding Latvia didn’t have

Torsten Frank

Torsten is a skateboarder from Stuttgart, Germany who is the Adidas global skate filmer



Hey Torsten, where in the world are you right now?

I’m sitting at home in Stuttgart; it’s snowing outside. I just opened some old …

Charles Neilson

Charles Neilson is a skater and artist based in Ireland


I work in Illustration, animation and motion graphics. I’ve worked for Frank Skateboards, Stance Socks, Grey Skate Mag, FTC Barcelona and Brut Magazine. I spend my time skateboarding or

Jacopo Tardito

Jacopo is a skater and photographer who lives in Barcelona


My name is Jacopo, I grew up in Northern Italy and have lived here in Barcelona for the last ten years.


I first started to skate in the

Dinero DIY

Dinero DIY is a skateable art experience in Spain


We are Levanna and Eve. We are skaters, DJs and DIY makers.

Art and skateboarding are instrinsically linked and we love to explore ideas that fuse the two together.


Vincent Jugnet

Vincent Jugnet is a skater and filmer from Lyon, France


Music is one of the most inspiring things to me, when I hear a song I like, I’ll be thinking right away of how I can edit it, or

Sergio Pontillo

Sergio is a skater and filmer from Napoli, Italy


Skateboarding is what led me to start shooting photos and videos, like many others. I owe a lot to it.


I’m 25, and I’ve been skateboarding for 12 years

Lukas Kacevicius

Photo by @rafski


Lukas is a skateboarder and artist


Skateboarding and making art is all deeply connected because in a way one can’t be there without another.


For me it’s all about the process, the shit you’re

Fred Mortagne

Fred Mortagne is a filmer and photographer


It’s skateboarding that developed my creative side, so they are definitely totally linked up. I truly think it is something that needs to be promoted.


Being creative is something important in

Domas Glatkauskas

Domas is a skater and artist who lives in London


I skate and create art pieces. I also work in a school with children on autism spectrum. I learn as much as I can and teach when appropriate.


Jean-Charles Leuvrey

Jean-Charles is a skater who runs Hotel Radio Paris


I used to work as an international banker but after 10 years away from France, I’m back in Paris working on Hotel Radio Paris.


As a kid, I mainly …


Zin is a skater and painter from Lithuania living in London


My full name is Zilvinas Vaitiekunas but everyone knows me as Zin.


I skate and make paintings and also experiment with other forms of visual art, like …

Leon Geernaert

Leon is a skater and designer living in Stockholm, Sweden


Street beers with homies, drifting from spot to spot, making connections with new people, places and immediate surroundings whilst sonic treats are delivered to your eardrums.


It’s even …