Torsten Frank

Torsten Frank: In Focus Interview




Torsten Frank’s filmmaking has defined adidas Skateboarding’s visual output for over a decade. His filming, editing and visual style is unique and really well-defined. His edits always show more than just the tricks that went down but

Torsten Frank

Torsten is a skateboarder from Stuttgart, Germany who is the Adidas global skate filmer



Hey Torsten, where in the world are you right now?

I’m sitting at home in Stuttgart; it’s snowing outside. I just opened some old …

Dwayne Coleman

Dwayne is a skateboarder and artist based in London

I don’t want to make ‘skart’ – I think most skate-art is pretty bad and repetitive but I don’t wanna say that it doesn’t influence my work. I guess the main

Ben Gore

Ben is a skater and artist based in Brighton


Although I don’t necessarily make art about skating, my art is definitely informed by skate culture.


The DIY nature of skating has really informed how I go about things;