In Focus

Marcus Palmer: In Focus ‘Darling’ Section Interview


Marcus Palmer shreds a series of classic and newly built spots all around The Midlands in his Get Lesta ‘Darling’ section but after we hit him up to ask a few questions about how each individual trick and clip

Matt Rodriguez: iPath Preview In Focus interview


Matt Rodriguez’s iPath Preview section is a classic that’s completely soundtracked by his own music and it has always been one of our favourite sections since we first watched it. 

So we had to hit up Matt to ask

Phil Evans: In Focus Interview




Phil Evans is a skater and filmmaker from Ireland based in Malmö, Sweden. He’s shot a series of experimental, original skate edits, shorts, films and documentaries with skaters independently and for brands.

Phil’s films are as multifaceted

Torsten Frank: In Focus Interview




Torsten Frank’s filmmaking has defined adidas Skateboarding’s visual output for over a decade. His filming, editing and visual style is unique and really well-defined. His edits always show more than just the tricks that went down but

Jon Humphries: In Focus Interview

Jon Humphries has shot and filmed some of the most legendary skate moments but it was not by chance.

His tenacity and timing to be at the right places at the right time to capture the right shots and make

Mike Manzoori: In Focus Interview



Mike Manzoori’s skateboarding shows just one side of his creative talents but it was his pro career that put him on a path to filmmaking.

We were really interested to find out how exactly he made the transition

Trav Wardle: In Focus Interview



Trav Wardle is a skater, filmmaker and illustrator who produces documentaries, animations and music videos.

He’s got a solid perspective as a filmer and a unique set of opinions on creative production, skating and video making 

So we