Trav Wardle

Trav Wardle: In Focus Interview



Trav Wardle is a skater, filmmaker and illustrator who produces documentaries, animations and music videos.

He’s got a solid perspective as a filmer and a unique set of opinions on creative production, skating and video making 

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Trav Wardle: Reel Cool Interview

Trav Wardle is a skateboarder and artist who has been a part of The No Comply Network since the beginning.

He’s started his own homage clothing brand called Real Fake and has recently been doing a few interesting collaborations so

Trav Wardle

Trav is a skateboarder and artist based in Devon, England


The No Comply Network will bring creative people who are enthused and guided in some way by skateboarding together.


Skateboarding offers so much in opening minds to so …