Javier Mendizabal

Photo shot by @mikeomeally


Javier Mendizabal is a skater and painter from Spain. He burst onto the international skate scene with legendary sections for Cliché where he showcased his unique flowing relaxed style on some of the gnarliest transitions

Tommy Couzens

Tommy Couzens is a skater and artist based in London.

After seeing his creative approach to skating and then discovering he makes great paintings we had to find out more about him, so we hit him up for a chat

Tony Ferguson



Tony Ferguson is a legendary Girl Skateboards pro and the founder of Rone footwear.

Tony’s shoes are a lot like his skating. Classic shapes, comfortable style, made with attention to detail, that’s ready for all street terrain.


Mario Realegeno


Mario Realegeno is a skater and artist from Los Angeles.

Mario’s skating came to our attention looking through Matt Rodriguez’s Es La Boom skate roster where his creative style stood out to us.

So as Matt is one of

Mia Gurary


Mia Gurary is a skateboarder and artist who runs Slacker. Through her creative brand she’s experimented with different forms of art, produce work in several mediums and made tighter connections with her crew and the collective of creatives she’s

Brian Lotti


Brian Lotti is a revolutionary skateboarder, painter and filmmaker who invented a series of pivotal tricks in the 90s and went pro but as quickly as he shot into the fame in the industry he suddenly departed from skateboarding.


Gulan is an artist and skater from London, England who draws, paints and illustrates. His multifaceted art features signature warping faces, highly imaginative situations, settings and scenarios, wrapped in bold lines embedded with accompanying bright and dark colours.

It’s fortunate

Roberto Cuellar




Roberto Cuellar is a skater and artist from Mexico living in Berlin, Germany. His skateable sculptures are pieces of fine art. But there’s more to them than solid skate obstacles with intriguing aesthetics. As a skater and

James Bush

James Bush connects the dots on tech tricks that many cannot. His passion for complex constructions doesn’t just end on his board, he also works as a graphic designer which just further draws his focus into laying down well-spaced lines

Luka Pinto

Luka Pinto’s spontaneous street skateboarding is a great thing to watch but there’s more to it than your eyes notice at first. He’s a skater and artist from Jersey, England a remote island where things regularly grow in isolation.


Matt Rodriguez

Matt Rodriguez’s skateboarding, music and art is flowing, fluid and fast. He’s got a unique, loose style on a board and a diverse trick selection and his spontaneous approach to skating on all-terrain oozes with creativity. So it’s no surprise

Dan Mancina

Dan Mancina is a blind skateboarder who does gnarly tricks and tech ledge moves. But that’s not the only thing that defines his story. Dan’s passion to pursue challenges is unending.

His lack of sight hasn’t slowed down his ability

Julian Klincewicz

Julian Klincewicz goes for everything on and off his board.

He skates anything at anytime, that he can find inbetween working as a film director, musician, photographer, fashion designer and model.

He’s created films and creative work for Louis Vuitton,

Chet Childress

Chet Childress is a rapid firing ripper on his board and at the canvas.

An artist and a skater from a young age Chet turned pro and travelled the world nomadic style throwing down shocking tricks and documenting his experiences,

Don Pendleton

Don Pendleton is one of the most prolific and productive graphic artists of all-time.

Born in America’s Midwest, his art’s unmistakable hard lines, affinity for nature, and surreal framing has left a firm imprint on skate culture that is never

Marisa Dal Santo

Marisa Dal Santo is one of the gnarliest skaters to ever do it.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, she launched into the skate world with an unforgettable part in Zero Skateboard’s Strange World. In that video, she skates some of the

Angel Acevedo

Angel Acevedo is a skater and artist from Pennsylvania who runs Terror of Planet X, a sick new East Coast board brand.

TOPX’s nods to graphic novels and nostalgia are unique and creative but it’s not just its boards and

Helena Long’s Best Ever Interview


Helena Long is a skater, musician and artist from South-East London. She was one of the first members of The No Comply Network and is one of the best skaters in the UK and beyond.

Her multi-skilled talents have

Henry Jones

Henry Jones is a skater and illustrator


When did you first start drawing?

 Both of my parents are pretty talented artists, and as far as I can remember I’ve always had a marker, crayon, pen or pencil in my

Mike York

Mike is a pro skater and company owner


My name is Mike York and I’m am a proud father of two, a professional skateboarder and I run Roller Horror.


For me, the relationship between skateboarding and art to …

Michael Sieben

Michael Sieben is an artist, managing editor of Thrasher Magazine and co-owner of Roger


I run Roger, make art, skate, hang out with my family and friends, go swimming and read novels. I also enjoy eating breakfast tacos and

Zered Bassett

Zered is a pro skater who creates street art as Paper Skaters

I’ve been into photography for half my life and over the past few years have been doing a project called Paper Skaters.

Paper Skaters is mostly street

Andy Jenkins

Andy Jenkins is an artist and skater


I try every day to get out of the bed with a good frame of mind (that happens about 63% of the time). I get in my car and drive for over

Feedback TS


Ted Barrow aka Feedback TS is a Satirical Skate Critic.



You’ve critiqued a load of skateboarding and honed an enjoyable style in the process – why did you decide to start Feedback, and how long have you

Jeremy Wray

Jeremy Wray is a skater, artist and designer who has done some of the gnarliest tricks ever



Do you think there’s an inherent link between skateboarding and creativity?

I believe it’s all undeniably linked – at least, it …

Nicolas Morales

Nicolas is a skateboarder, artist and filmmaker from Argentina


I am the editor-in-chief of Detiro skatezine, an autogestive, open call, fanzine to promote local and around the country skate artists for free.


I also founded Escoba Films with

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is a skater and digital illustrator from England


I do digital illustration mostly, graphic design, clothing, spray painting and anything else I fancy messing about with.


I have been skating for years but always end up

Big Aye Skateboards

Matt is a skater from England who makes custom skateboards at Big Aye Skateboards


I handcraft skateboards and engrave them with custom artwork, as well as my own artwork… Skateboarding in itself is an art, with the freedom to …

Chase Chivers

Chase is an artist and skater based in London


I am a skateboarder with creative tendencies, trying to battle a procrastination habit.


My creative approach to art is similar to my approach to skateboarding in that I like

Callum Sidlauskas

Callum Sidlauskas is a skater and artist from Birmingham


I’m a big fan of Polar and Fucking Awesome and think they’ve always got it on point. Music is an inspiration to me. I always like listening to tunes to

Bobby Puleo

Bobby Puleo is an East Coast Street Skateboarding Legend.

He’s known for his unique artistic style and defiant commitment to creative exploration on and off his board.

He owns and runs online-based board brand VICTIM



What’s your full

Biko Issah: Reel Cool

Biko is a tattoo artist and illustrator whose photorealistic style is so accurate it’s scary.

When we discovered Biko’s talent we had to make him a member

Since he joined a lot has changed for Biko.

He moved to Barcelona,

Yoon Hyup’s Best Ever Interview

No Comply Guy and New York city-based skater-designer Yoon Hyup is amazing. He’s one of the most fascinating and unique illustrators out there.

So we hit him up to deliver to you a whole new kind of interview to find

Doobie Doodles

Zander Sattee is an artist and skater who runs Doobie Doodles 


I draw, make music, make videos, design clothes, and sometimes try to make short cartoons.


I think skateboarding inspires me partly just because I love it and …

Jazz Wade

Jazz is a skater and illustrator


Skateboarding is the best thing out there! It opens your eyes to such a varied and creative world, it gives you the chance to meet so many people and look at life around …

Shit Pencil

Alex AKA Shit Pencil is a skater and artist


I’ve been drawn to art since I was at school. I really wanted to draw skate-related stuff during class but my art teacher wasn’t keen.


Instead, I spent about

Postcode Draws

Alex Ives is a skater and artist from Leicester England


I’m a dad and I work in a call centre. A lot of the time I draw what’s in my head like the pop culture and hip-hop culture that

Tom Delves

Tom is a skater and artist based in London


Being a skateboarder just exposes you to loads of other creative stuff such as the music in skate videos and the graphics on boards and ads.


I think that …

Goblyn Crew

Goblyn Crew is run by Dan Robinson a skateboarder and illustrator who creates 3D design, ceramics and clothing


Skateboarding and art go hand in hand. Skateboarding is an art form and there are so many skateboarders out there killing

Benny Brown

Benny is an illustrator and skateboarder from Felixstowe


Drawing and skateboarding are my two main passions in life and I’m lucky to spend most of my time doing both of them. From a young age skating helped me to

Mister Tucks

Mister Tucks is a skater-illustrator who runs Temple of Skate


My real name is Tuck Wai but my friends from the online community know me as Mr Tucks. I’m an illustrator.


Skateboarding was my main source of inspiration …

Dylan Goldberger

Dylan is a skater and illustrator living in New York


I do a lot of traditional woodcut printmaking and screen printing. Lately I’ve developed a digital style which helps when working on illustrations with clients.


I worked part-time

Adam Hoens

Adam is a skater and artist from Canada


Skateboarding is so creative it’s natural that skaters pursue other art avenues. Skating appeals to me because you can do what you want with it.


It’s a lather, rinse and

Arthur Tubb

Arthur is a skater and 3D Animator


I think skateboarding, making art and 3D design and my process are all connected, as skateboarding is a combination of the technical and the creative. The physical aspect is good too, as

Charles Neilson

Charles Neilson is a skater and artist based in Ireland


I work in Illustration, animation and motion graphics. I’ve worked for Frank Skateboards, Stance Socks, Grey Skate Mag, FTC Barcelona and Brut Magazine. I spend my time skateboarding or

Nelson Flores

Nelson is a skateboarder and oil painter from Arizona


My creative process has always been what skateboarder, or skate image gets me hyped me the most.


I have to find that perfect reference image of them that makes

Rohum Dilley

Rohum is a skateboarder and filmmaker


I think skateboarding and filmmaking go hand in hand – You need videos to showcase what is going on in our culture and with today’s need for more content, filmmaking is one of

Yoon Hyup

Yoon is a skater and artist who lives in New York


I paint what I see, remember, listen and feel, but I don’t necessarily call it realism. It’s more abstract, so to speak. I mostly paint on walls or

Andrew Durgin Barnes

Andrew is a skateboarder and oil painter based in New York City


I am a painter, but I have many other interests including skateboarding.


Well, I think skateboarding itself is an art, a sort of physical performance art

Kim Sedman

Kim is a skater and illustrator based in London


After I broke my leg I realised I couldn’t physically be a part of the skate scene in the way I once was so I started drawing my friends skating

Dinero DIY

Dinero DIY is a skateable art experience in Spain


We are Levanna and Eve. We are skaters, DJs and DIY makers.

Art and skateboarding are instrinsically linked and we love to explore ideas that fuse the two together.


Marc McKee

Marc is a skater and artist from California


My name’s Marc McKee but a weird thing to think about is that I was adopted when I was 2 months old, so I must have had a different name before

Leon Was Here

Leon Washere is a skateboarder who creates animations


I steal clips and color on top of them amongst other things. There’s correlations to the process and the time it takes to do these animations, about 6-8 hours for every

Bobbi Abbey

Bobbi is a skater and painter-illustrator based in Leeds


When it comes to my creative process skateboarding has always played a huge part. It shaped my style and imagery into what it is now.


I spent a lot

George Yarnton

George is a skateboarder and illustrator based in Ipswich


I think skateboarding culture directs almost all of what I make as an illustrator. Most of my inspiration comes from who I meet and see when I’m out and about,

Russ Longmire

Russ is a skateboarder and illustrator from Liverpool


I create black and white, brush and ink illustrations under the name Sketch Stance. The name spawned from a fanzine many years back. I curate monthly exhibitions on the walls at

Sergio Pontillo

Sergio is a skater and filmer from Napoli, Italy


Skateboarding is what led me to start shooting photos and videos, like many others. I owe a lot to it.


I’m 25, and I’ve been skateboarding for 12 years

Andrew Pommier

Andrew is a skater and illustrator from Canada


I make drawings and graphics and paintings that are delivered in many ways and executions. When I was growing up skateboarding the creative pursuit seemed linked and inseparable so the skate

Mark Pritchard

Mark is a skater and painter based in Bristol


I moved back to Bristol after being in Sheffield for 8 years, I help out at Fifty Fity Store but I’m pursuing a career in Motion Graphics, Post Production and …

Jake Martinelli

Jake is a skater and filmmaker from London


For me as soon as I watched my first skateboard video I wanted to make a video so the relationship of making videos and skateboarding go hand in hand for me,

Pete Sharp

Pete is a skater and artist


I don’t skate anywhere near as much as I’d like to these days and I reckon that definitely has a negative impact on my work.


Skating is like hanging out with your

Liam Ashley Clark

Liam is a skateboarder and artist based in Norwich, England


For me, skateboarding was definitely part of my introduction into a lot of art, along with music, and maybe without skating I wouldn’t even be making art now.


George Booth-Cole

George is a skateboarder and photographer


The connection between instinctual expression and technical ability is just one really important idea in skating and photography as for the most part, you need both to create anything in both mediums.


Tom Lodge

Tom is a skater and illustrator


My work is pretty much all monochromatic pen and ink – I think I might have used colour once upon a time, but I can’t be sure.


Even if you don’t take

Lukas Kacevicius

Photo by @rafski


Lukas is a skateboarder and artist


Skateboarding and making art is all deeply connected because in a way one can’t be there without another.


For me it’s all about the process, the shit you’re

Greg Herbert

Greg is a skater and artist


My practice mainly uses sculpture, film and animation to explore human impact on earth, the anthropocene and the way we interact with our environment.


Skateboarding for me was a huge influence on

Nathaniel Jones

Nathaniel Jones is a skater and graphic designer based in Bristol


My name is Nathaniel Jones. I’m a graphic and apparel designer. Alongside that I sometimes make graphics for brands I’m into like Quartersnacks and The Quiet Life. I

William Ryan Coulson

William is a skateboarder and artist based in Canada


I skateboard and make stuff. Honestly, I try to get my hands in to everything. Mostly illustration, but I do a bunch of painting, sculpture, motion graphics, furniture design, anything …

Louis Slater

Louis Slater is a skater and artist who runs Sex Skateboards


Lately, I’ve been painting a lot. I think the thing that keeps me painting is detaching my brain from the physical world that we see, and creating something …

Jack Hamilton

Jack is a skateboarder and illustrator based in London


I think for me the relationship between art and skateboarding is a close one. If I didn’t skate I would be a completely different person to who I am now.

Ben Gore

Ben is a skater and artist based in Brighton


Although I don’t necessarily make art about skating, my art is definitely informed by skate culture.


The DIY nature of skating has really informed how I go about things;

Simon Skipp

Si is a skater and artist who makes wood carving sculpture


My name is Simon Skipp, I use reclaimed skateboards to create what I would call low relief and fretwork style carvings either in the form of wall hanging

Sam Hutchinson AKA Blinky

Sam Hutchinson is a skater, artist and photographer based in Leeds


I make work using images, sculpture and installation. I also enjoy publishing and book making and use various other mediums when necessary.


I feel that although I

Vaughan Baker

Vaughan is a skater and artist from England


When I think about the relationship of skateboarding, making art and making stuff, I think, yeah of course, I mean it might be different person to person, but for myself it’s …

Gaurab Thakali

Gaurab is a skater and illustrator


I think skateboarding and making art are very similar to certain extents and both are heavily intertwined to me personally.


I started skateboarding before I started making art and being exposed to …

Liam Sproat

Liam is a skater and illustrator from Leeds


If you don’t know me already, I do a little bit of everything. I speak foreign languages, play the guitar, ride a skateboard, do a bit of rock climbing and I

Benjamin Murphy

Benjamin is a skater and artist who lives in London


I think that skateboarding was the genesis of my creativity. When I was eleven or so I discovered skateboarding and was instantly hooked on it. But before that, I

Omar Allsop

Omar is a skater and filmer who runs On Tick


I skate, film and make videos with my mates. I also got two part time jobs but, who cares?


I always just film with whoever is about and …

Kane Nugent

Kane is a skater, artist and filmer who runs Glue Bag


The name Glue Bag came about sometime when I was living in Cardiff.


It’s an outdated joke aimed at people who still huffed glue from plastic bags.…

Dave The Chimp

Dave is a skater and artist who makes art, music and video


I do many things that fall under the broad description of “art”.


Today I am writing a song and planning to go out painting graffiti tonight, …

Jon Horner

Jon is a skater and illustrator


When I’m working I can get pretty tightly wound.


I tend to do long hours hunched over at a desk so any chance I get to go and flail around near a

Domas Glatkauskas

Domas is a skater and artist who lives in London


I skate and create art pieces. I also work in a school with children on autism spectrum. I learn as much as I can and teach when appropriate.


Grant Peacock

Grant is a skateboarder and illustrator from Hereford


I’m an illustrator at heart but I like to dabble with moving image, film, graphic design and photography. It’s great to learn new skills.


I definitely think skateboarding helps me

Will Berry

Will is an illustrator and skater based in Manchester


Skateboarding has inspired me artistically from an early age.


The graphics and illustration that were around in the early 00’s shaped me to be the illustrator and designer I

Alisdair Smith

Alisdair Smith is a skater and artist from Birmingham


As skateboarders we all understand that we have an ability to read architecture in a different way to other people. It’s a uniquely creative skill.


But its not just …

Helena Long

Helena is a pro skater, illustrator and musician


My name is Helena Long. I skate a lot, drum a lot, work a lot and enjoying illustrating things here and there.


I think skateboarding and the other artistic,creative things …

Phil Evans

Phil is a skater and filmmaker who lives in Malmo Sweden


I wish I could be more creative on my skateboard but I’m pretty rubbish…


So, I guess the creative opportunity for me comes when I get to

Dan Clarke

Dan is a skateboarder and illustrator from London


A lot of my inspiration for drawings and paintings come from my roots in skateboarding.


My everyday observation of space and architecture is influenced by searching for skate spots in …

Arran Gregory

Arran Gregory is an artist and skateboarder


I think art and skateboarding go hand in hand, I think they both come from a place of playfulness. It’s a very self disciplined form of playfulness. I think a lot of

Felix Jouanneau

Felix is a skateboarder and bootmaker from London


I think that skateboarding has taught me to be patient, which I apply daily to making boots and shoes.


I mainly use skateboarding to clear my head when I have …

Nick Jensen

Nick is a pro skater and artist who runs Isle Skateboards


Skateboarding and making art both inspire me. I started skating because I saw some cool looking kids doing trick on a park bench and from then on I …

Neil Worthington

Neil is a skateboarder and artist who illustrates and paints


When I think about it, I picture the origin of true skateboard graphics as the time when skateboarders started too design their own pro board graphics and put their


Zin is a skater and painter from Lithuania living in London


My full name is Zilvinas Vaitiekunas but everyone knows me as Zin.


I skate and make paintings and also experiment with other forms of visual art, like …

Biko Issah

Biko is a skater and artist from London


I’ve never really thought about the connection between skateboarding and making art too much. Although, there’s definitely a similarity in the thought process.


In the same way that you might

Mikey Cheah

Mikey is a skater and artist who’s living in Tokyo, Japan


I’ve always had respect for technical ability in art and skateboarding although this alone has never held my interest for very long.


When I look at skating

Ashley Dhnoa aka The TRiP

Ash is a skateboarder and artist from Birmingham, England


There’s a strong connection between skateboarding and illustration. On virtually every skate product there’s a rich, diverse range of illustrations.


Every skater knows different skate brand styles. As skaters …


Fos is a skateboarder and artist who runs Heroin Skateboards


My urge to skate, paint, design, film tricks and edit videos all come from the same place. I think skateboarding, making art and my creative process are all related.

Simon Peplow

Si Peplow is a skater and artist from Birmingham


Skateboarding and art are inextricably linked – one informs the other & vice versa.


Both are legit lifestyle pursuits which require boundless energy, creativity, imagination, contemplation, integrity and heart.