Dinero DIY is a skateable art experience in Spain


We are Levanna and Eve. We are skaters, DJs and DIY makers.

Art and skateboarding are instrinsically linked and we love to explore ideas that fuse the two together.


We enjoy generating original ideas and have found huge scope within the realm of building and painting DIY spots which has allowed us to design some rad pieces.


It’s all a learning curve, we try to see what is achievable, but we do like pushing boundaries to see if we can design something that has never been done before. Our project is really exciting and allows us to be super creative and test some ideas to the max. We have had great feedback too which fires us up even more. We are always thinking of the next idea.


All skaters who make art inspire us as it shows how easily creativity spans both. We love to make skate videos and select the music, we love it all. Dinero DIY provide us with the canvas to do it and where possible to promote smaller and independent brands.


We are inspired by everyday things in the world and these generally feed into our thinking and ideas. We are huge fans of music, and sometimes this can influence our work. For example, we’re big lovers of Lowrider Soul Music, so we built the Chevy Impala Car. But the freedom of building DIY is the real fun and that’s our main inspiration.


We love that that The No Comply Network makes the art and skateboarding connection stronger. When these elements come together more, some enjoyable things come from it. We want to make lots of our ideas a reality in the future and meet like-minded folks, so no comply is absolutely a great thing.


We have a couple of ambitious ideas for this year. We want to create something unique and different. The project keeps getting great attention and it’s nice to see different types of people appreciating it in addition to skateboarders. We have had a few messages from other DIYs and have also lent our painting skills to two other local DIYs who’ve been delighted with our work so we might keep working with other DIYs to do makeover paint jobs if we get asked.