Domas is a skater and artist who lives in London


I skate and create art pieces. I also work in a school with children on autism spectrum. I learn as much as I can and teach when appropriate.


Lately I’ve been discussing skateboarding and creativity with my friend Zin we opened an exhibition at Grosvenor Chapel on South Audley street in Mayfair together. It was fun. We were thinking…is there any point to separate art from skateboarding and from personal creative work that you do? I think you can use both, instead of one or the other.


I think using both you can flow easy from one subject to the other to make the transition smoother from one subject to the other.


Navigating through the sea and figuring out how you feel about something to make a decision. do you combine art, creativity, learning, skateboarding, work and a family, that’s a tough one.


I’m inspired by any skater made art.


What inspires me are brands that are smart – the ones that can be distinct and also know what people want.


Palace Skateboards and Lev have always been very inspiring, taking a piss out of themselves with Another Fucking Triangle logo. I like that.


The No Comply Network is great – helping skaters get recognised a little bit – and the community aspect is great! I think a joint event or a jam at SB would be good. Anything that helps great artists to be recognised for who they really are is great!