Tom is a skater and artist based in London


Being a skateboarder just exposes you to loads of other creative stuff such as the music in skate videos and the graphics on boards and ads.


I think that just being obsessed with something makes you wanna express that in other areas of your life, like how loads of people used to draw skate cartoons and logos on their school books because that’s all that you can think about at the time. I have other influences but skateboarding and the nerdy culture around it definitely inspire my work.


My favourite skaters mainly just inspire me to skate, but in terms of artwork, Evan Hecox’s work for Chocolate Skateboards is a big inspiration.


I was so hyped on Heroin skateboards when I was younger, due to both the artwork and the home-made aesthetic.


Cliché (RIP) came out with some really rad graphics towards the end so it sucked when they disappeared. Sean Cliver is the best.


It’s hard to know where to look if you want to discover new artists these days, and The No Comply Network is the perfect platform for this.


I also think it’s a great way to show the world that not only are a lot of skateboarders who are creative, but that there is so much diversity within that creativity.


Right now, I’m enjoying the freedom of just drawing whatever comes into my head or any funny ideas that my mates come up with.


However, I’m always happy to work with other people so hit me up if you’d like some drawings, design, or collaborations.