Jazz Wade

Jazz is a skater and illustrator


Skateboarding is the best thing out there! It opens your eyes to such a varied and creative world, it gives you the chance to meet so many people and look at life around …

Shit Pencil

Alex AKA Shit Pencil is a skater and artist


I’ve been drawn to art since I was at school. I really wanted to draw skate-related stuff during class but my art teacher wasn’t keen.


Instead, I spent about


Neddy is a skater and filmmaker based in Oxford, England


There’s always been a strong relationship between skateboarding and making films. I think watching UK videos like Blueprint’s WFTW, the Viewfinder series and First Broadcast got me hyped on

Postcode Draws

Alex Ives is a skater and artist from Leicester England


I’m a dad and I work in a call centre. A lot of the time I draw what’s in my head like the pop culture and hip-hop culture that

Yoon Hyup

Yoon is a skater and artist who lives in New York


I paint what I see, remember, listen and feel, but I don’t necessarily call it realism. It’s more abstract, so to speak. I mostly paint on walls or

Dinero DIY

Dinero DIY is a skateable art experience in Spain


We are Levanna and Eve. We are skaters, DJs and DIY makers.

Art and skateboarding are instrinsically linked and we love to explore ideas that fuse the two together.


Bobbi Abbey

Bobbi is a skater and painter-illustrator based in Leeds


When it comes to my creative process skateboarding has always played a huge part. It shaped my style and imagery into what it is now.


I spent a lot

Sergio Pontillo

Sergio is a skater and filmer from Napoli, Italy


Skateboarding is what led me to start shooting photos and videos, like many others. I owe a lot to it.


I’m 25, and I’ve been skateboarding for 12 years

Austin Bristow

Austin is a skateboarder and filmer for Palace


When filming skateboarding it helps to have a good rapport with the skater that I am filming, this way, we vibe off of each-other and motivate one another.


UK skate

Omar Allsop

Omar is a skater and filmer who runs On Tick


I skate, film and make videos with my mates. I also got two part time jobs but, who cares?


I always just film with whoever is about and …

Daryl Dominguez

Daryl is a skater and DJ sponsored by Vans


Skateboarding is an expressive and creative art form in itself, so naturally the relationship it shares with other creative outlets like art and music are similar. They vibrate on a …

Lewis Royden

Lewis is a skater and photographer from Liverpool


I believe having a creative process in your life is essential, skateboarders are lucky cos’ even though skating itself is super creative most skaters have another artistic direction as well. Looking

Nick Jensen

Nick is a pro skater and artist who runs Isle Skateboards


Skateboarding and making art both inspire me. I started skating because I saw some cool looking kids doing trick on a park bench and from then on I …

James Harris

James Harris is a skater and filmer from Bristol


Most people know me as a skateboard videographer, which is something I’m extremely passionate about. I’ve worked on many skateboard company videos and a few independent projects.


My day …

Josh Church


Josh Church is a skater, filmer and editor from London