Alex AKA Shit Pencil is a skater and artist


I’ve been drawn to art since I was at school. I really wanted to draw skate-related stuff during class but my art teacher wasn’t keen.


Instead, I spent about 3 years drawing animals, which sort of killed my creativity a bit as I lost the freedom side of it.


While studying a completely unrelated degree at university, I remembered how much I loved to draw so I got fully involved again. Skating is and has always been everything to me.


When I realised I hated all the sports kids at school were playing, skating welcomed me with open arms. It’s all about the fun and I think that fun transcends into art and creativity. I draw a lot in the evenings after skating, so shit that goes on throughout the day with my friends normally seeps into my subconscious and my art.
Skateboarding is an endless fountain of inspiration. I also used to work in a primary school so I’d get a ton of inspiration there from all the hilarious things the kids would come out with.
I’ve always been a big fan of WKND. I watched the weekendtage series religiously when they came out and that feel good humour is exactly what hyped me up to go out and skate. It’s so cool to see them doing so well.


Seeing artists such as Lucas Beaufort growing up made me realise how skateboarding and art can blend so perfectly.
I also love Porous Walker and David The Robot for their filthy senses of humour. Art doesn’t have to be serious and pretentious.


The No Comply Network is genius. The beauty of skateboarding is that it is such a strong passion for people, art helps continue to inspire and fuel that passion. Seeing people send me pictures of them redrawing my stuff on their griptape is the coolest thing.


I think The No Comply Network’s goal in connecting skate creatives is amazing and will create a beautiful cycle of never ending art and inspiration in the skate community. It’s great to see a hub for skateboarding themed creativity.
I’m also working on new clothing and prints and a few zines with some very cool heads (s3xpalace) which should be out soon.”