Matt is a skater from England who makes custom skateboards at Big Aye Skateboards


I handcraft skateboards and engrave them with custom artwork, as well as my own artwork… Skateboarding in itself is an art, with the freedom to get as creative as you want…As you can tell from all the mad shit people are doing on skateboards these days.


Linking to my process, I handcraft boards where I can put artist’s pieces on the decks themselves, which a lot of people may not have the opportunity to do! I want skaters out there to get a bespoke deck that they can skate or hang up and be fully satisfied with the outcome.. Which drives me to do more and keep on creating these boards.


I started Big Aye Skateboards because skateboarding is the only way! And what skater wouldn’t wanna make their own decks and see people riding boards which they made!? The ethos of the company is pretty much just focused around creating, well crafted, handmade, bespoke and fully customisable skateboards, in terms of the shape and graphic!


In regards to the art direction, I just want to do as many collaborations with as many talented artists as I can and spread the word


I love The No Comply Network!


What a Class idea! It gives people the opportunity to witness other peoples passions and skills! As well as meeting awesome like-minded people. Can’t go wrong with that… My plans for the future?


No massive plans really.. Just going to keep on making boards for people and link up with anyone who is interested in a skate and or collaborations.


Totally open to whatever comes my way!