Jake is a skater and filmmaker from London


For me as soon as I watched my first skateboard video I wanted to make a video so the relationship of making videos and skateboarding go hand in hand for me, it’s also nice to have a period in your life documented for years to come.


My creative process varies from projects I am working on, keeping it fun is always key, but the main things I think about when filming something is how to make a spot look as interesting as possible and the best way to film it to give the spot being skated and the trick justice.


I also like to keep it not too serious, add funny clips into edits and keep a look out for that weirdo crack head over the road acting up or anything else that happens along the way.


Art-wise I always love seeing Jack Hamilton‘s art work, I’ve always liked what he has done and ask him to do a few rugged raw graphics for me.


Film-wise Ryan Garshell who does GX1000. To me, those videos are what skating is about raw, gully street skating and whatever else comes along with it when you’re out in the streets from graff to crack heads to pissed off people all that makes it. Josh Stewart​ and Colin Read too are obviously up there.


The No Comply Network​ is the shit. Skateboarders are a creative bunch of people and they look at things a lot different than people in society and it’s nice that skateboarders who have more than just skateboarding going on have a platform to be showcased think it’s a really good thing going on!


Currently, I’m doing a video series for Sidewalk Magazine called boroughs which is pretty self-explanatory, I have a good group of friends who like to explore new parts of the city, so we just meet up every weekend and pick a borough of London to explore, it’s good fun.


For future projects, I’d like to do a little music video for a friend. I also have a plan to make a full-length remix video from all the boroughs footage so people will have a part and some unseen footage. Mainly just to have a prem and a good night.