Yoon is a skater and artist who lives in New York

I paint what I see, remember, listen and feel, but I don’t necessarily call it realism. It’s more abstract, so to speak. I mostly paint on walls or canvas.

Music and cities inspire me but skateboarding is a big influence . It’s a lifestyle and an art.

When I skate, I feel rhythm. I feel like I became a flowing water that never stops. I get a similar feeling from improvisational music, like jazz, funk or freestyle rap. I like to express these feelings on the canvas with freehand lines and dots.

I started skating in Seoul, Korea in the mid-90s and began drawing at the same time.After skating, I would draw as I read a TransWorld or CCS 95/96 catalog.

The Internet was not a thing back then so I spent most of the time drawing something. Mike Hill’s Alienworkshop graphics, Andy Jenkins Wrench Pilot, Ed Templeton Toy Machine characters, Sean Cliver’s Hook-Ups Skateboards graphic were my favourites and inspired me to learn graphic programs.

In 2000, the Internet exploded. My interests broadened as I watched Spike Jonze music videos and Krooked skateboards’ Mark Gonzales’ paintings. Don Pendleton’s abstract and minimal style was my favourite and still is. Also, #zooyork and Eli Gesner’s art direction got me into the east coast skate scene and NY’s artists.

In 2001, Seoul had a hip hop party called “Afro King” and the event became famous. I was already a fan of 90’s east coast rap, so I would hang with DJ’s, MC’s, b boy’s, skaters, writers and photographers there. That was the first place I ever exhibited my artwork.

Later, my friends started a skate brand named “Wyfluence” and I did the graphics. It was the first skate brand in Korea. It’s no longer running but it was a defining creative experience inspired by a love for skateboarding.

I like The No Comply Network because I can hear and see artist’s stories from all over the world. I hope to visit London soon

Right now, I’m working on mural project in New York and an art show. I’m also working on a personal project right that I really want to get out there soon