Yoon is a skater and artist who lives in New York


I paint what I see, remember, listen and feel, but I don’t necessarily call it realism. It’s more abstract, so to speak. I mostly paint on walls or canvas.


Music and cities inspire me but skateboarding is a big influence. It’s a lifestyle and an art.


When I skate, I feel rhythm. I feel like I became a flowing water that never stops. I get a similar feeling from improvisational music, like jazz, funk or freestyle rap. I like to express these feelings on the canvas with freehand lines and dots.


I started skating in Seoul, Korea in the mid-90s and began drawing at the same time.


After skating, I would draw as I read a TransWorld or CCS 95/96 catalog.


The Internet was not a thing back then so I spent most of the time drawing something. Mike Hill’s Alien Workshop graphics, Andy Jenkins‘ Wrench Pilot, Ed Templeton’s Toy Machine characters and Sean Cliver’s Hook-Ups Skateboards graphic were my favourites and inspired me to learn graphic programs.


In 2000, the Internet exploded. My interests broadened as I watched Spike Jonze music videos and Krooked Skateboards’ Mark Gonzales’ paintings.


Don Pendleton’s abstract and minimal style was my favourite and still is.

Also, Zoo York and Eli Gesner’s art direction got me into the east coast skate scene and NY’s artists.


In 2001, Seoul had a hip hop party called “Afro King” and the event became famous. I was already a fan of 90’s east coast rap, so I would hang with DJ’s, MC’s, b boy’s, skaters, writers and photographers there. That was the first place I ever exhibited my artwork.


Later, my friends started a skate brand named “Wyfluence” and I did the graphics. It was the first skate brand in Korea. It’s no longer running but it was a defining creative experience inspired by a love for skateboarding.


I like The No Comply Network because I can hear and see artist’s stories from all over the world. I hope to visit London soon


Right now, I’m working on mural project in New York and an art show. I’m also working on a personal project right that I really want to get out there soon