Alisdair Smith is a skater and artist from Birmingham


As skateboarders we all understand that we have an ability to read architecture in a different way to other people. It’s a uniquely creative skill.


But its not just seeing a rail or a ledge as a skateable object, it’s the fact we consider all the other elements that make it skateable without even thinking.


The angle of the rail, the amount of run up, the texture of the run out and even how good the spot will look on film or in a photo.


It’s recognising artistic elements in the everyday that I find that even the least able street skaters, myself included, have an eye for and we can all recognise the connections between different form, line, shape, texture and space, without even thinking of it in those artistic terms. Skateboarding breeds artists.


It’s probably why architecture is such a large theme within my work. I find collage often best lends itself to my work, even if I start intending to work in different mediums, it just seems that deconstructing images and creating something new using collage, is the most fun way for me to work.


Though I do like to make zines and comic books from time to time too.


All the artists I love in skateboarding are so far away from my own style of illustration, however, it’s hard not to want to go make art when these guys are out there making such great work.


I’ve recently become a big fan of Gregory Conroy, who does, Serious Adult, he’s got amazing sense of humour and a rad illustration style.


I enjoy a bit of Richard ‘French’ Sayers work.

I read ‘Lords of Chaos’ years ago, the seminal book on Black Metal and then got introduced to his work. Now, I can’t get enough of it.


Chris Bourke is another artist I consistently look to for inspiration; he’s a lino printing wizard and last


I’m also a fan of Benjamin Murphy. He makes beautiful work from electrical tape that has inspired me more times than I can remember.


Skateboarding is an amazing community to be a part of and The No Comply Network is a great way to unify and strengthen its artistic elements.


My future plans mainly focus on finishing up my degree, making art and skateboarding. That’s the plan anyway.