Bobbi is a skater and painter-illustrator based in Leeds


When it comes to my creative process skateboarding has always played a huge part. It shaped my style and imagery into what it is now.


I spent a lot of time in school looking at Sidewalk Magazine, Document (RIP) and Thrasher Magazine, I would copy some of my favourite graphics or create my own fictional companies so my drawings would have a place to exist, even if it was in my own head. Nowadays my inspiration comes from a whole load of things, but that’s where it all started.


The main part of the relationship between skateboarding and creating artwork for me is that they have both led me to meet some incredible individuals. I meet up with friends and we paint, buzz off each other, help each other out. Kind of like skateboarding, the art of making friends is a huge part of what gives skateboarding its many shapes and personalities.


I can’t be in the studio without music playing. I usually listen to some heavy psych/stoner bluesy desert type stuff because it’s good to get lost in when you’re trying to keep your head down and concentrate. Other than that, it’s a lot of prog, psychedelic and classic rock.


I recently worked with a clothing company called Piilgrim who are awesome. They have some real nice items out all inspired by 60’s/70’s psychedelia and I love the colours and imagery they use.


I’ve been stoked on Blood Wizard Skateboards since they came about, they keep it fun and not too serious. And who doesn’t love wizards? I also love what 1939 have done releasing boards with band graphics on.


Ah man, The No Comply Network is such a good place to see who and what is out there and to know everyone is somehow linked to skateboarding is even better! There is a lot of mixed opinions about social media but stuff like this gives me faith.