Omar is a skater and filmer who runs On Tick


I skate, film and make videos with my mates. I also got two part time jobs but, who cares?


I always just film with whoever is about and keen to skate, mainly the homies living here in Bristol and our mates from Jersey.


On Tick basically started as soon as I bought a cheapish vx1000 and started to film a lot more here in Bristol.


Skating and Art? Since people have been making decent skateboards skaters have been designing them and putting art on them. But that’s not really something that’s ever jumped out at me, I prefer documenting tricks of my mates and showcasing the Bristol scene.


Creating a brand and ‘art’ is never really something any of us have tried to do with On Tick. At the start I just really wanted to take more pictures but then realised filming was more fun so I ended up doing a lot more of it instead.


As a crew we just like skating and filming it so we can listen to music we like over and over again. In regards to the clothing we’ve been doing, I guess that just started through none of us having decent joggers with zip pockets that we could skate in! It’s sick that Fifty Fifty Skate Shop now stock us, massive thanks to them and Skateboard Cafe


The process itself kinda just exists around the weather. When its dry and sunny we’ll be out filming, skating and chilling. When its wet we’ll be trying to think of funny, good shit to put on t shirts and capturing/editing tapes with Gabison.


Everything that we are doing would not be possible without Pillo wheels, the PWG and Subterranean Skateboards. Everything that our friends in Jersey and Europe are doing makes me hyped.


Glen Fox who skates for Magenta Skateboards too, watching him paint or skate is always something different. Actually, just seeing any of our crew doing something gets me hyped really. Just watching Ryan Cunningham skate seriously makes me wanna film and that goes for a lot of people in our crew too


I think The No Comply Network is a a good way to find out what skaters are up to off their boards. A lot of the time I have no idea so its cool to find out by going on here.


Jake Stoodley is always working on projects and he has about 3 different things going at any time so ill be keeping an eye on his shit.


Also Ryan Gabison, he is always out and keeping busy so no doubt they’ll be some amazing new vids from him and Pillo.