Sergio is a skater and filmer from Napoli, Italy


Skateboarding is what led me to start shooting photos and videos, like many others. I owe a lot to it.


I’m 25, and I’ve been skateboarding for 12 years now, non-stop, and now more than ever I’m starting to realize how quickly things change. That’s the reason I try to document everything I experience in my life, especially people and relationships: both are peculiar and change constantly.


It is as easy as it is useless to emulate other people’s work or their skateboarding. I reckon that if everybody could express their self in a way they feel good about it then everything would be more enjoyable. Nevertheless, inspiration is an important and positive phase to me, I love to see what the people I respect are doing.


Lately, I think I’ve been watching this video of Garry Winogrand once a week. It’s the first video that comes out if you look him up on Youtube and, no spoilers, it’s just so exciting to watch him shooting in the street.


Regarding skater made art I really love the videos made by Pontus Alv, Jacob Elliott Harris, Briggs Ogloff, Guillame Perimony Daniel Dent, Colin Read aka Mandible Claw and Ilcanile – Alessandro Palese.


I really enjoy Ryan Subette and Hugo Maillard’s music.

My favorite companies at the moment are Isle Skateboards, Polar Skate Co., Frog Skateboards and Toy Machine. I’m a big fan of Ed Templeton’s photography, skateboard graphics and Toy Machine ad creations.


I discovered The No Comply Network not too long ago, but I think it’s a great platform to share our controversial love for skateboarding and find new people to get inspired from.


I also enjoy playing keyboards and surprisingly Jacob Harris found my music interesting enough to use it in his latest documentary/video part with Chris Jones.


As a huge fan of his previous videos, I was way beyond stoked to contribute, his videos are true cinema expression to me. Hopefully we will work on more projects together.


As for me, I have a project/platform named TOC.

The concept is this: I travel to places for more than just a few days and make skate videos with people I meet, became friends with and that let me enter their home/life.


To me, it’s interesting to document skaters not only on the streets, but also in their houses/rooms.


It’s a way to make new friends along the way that will also eventually cross paths too.


I’ve made a full length from when I was living in Barcelona and another one made in my hometown, Napoli.


I’m currently editing a new video, shot in Sweden, featuring my old friends who I was skating with in Barcelona, and some new friends too; it should be coming out just before this summer.


Last but not the least, a new Plazaboards full length video is coming out really soon, in which I’ll have a full part.