Kim is a skater and illustrator based in London


After I broke my leg I realised I couldn’t physically be a part of the skate scene in the way I once was so I started drawing my friends skating and then set up an Instagram to document it. It’s sweet that no matter what you bring to the skate community that there is so much support and love.


My relationship with skating at the moment is just trying to get back on track and have some fun with my pals after being out for so long. It keeps me sane, makes me feel positive and on the days I cant get out I’m able to find images of people that inspire me and draw them.


I create art using Google slides as my 2009 MacBook isn’t functioning enough to run any legit design programmes but if you want to do something you can always find a way. I wanted to do illustrations for a while but I just thought that without the right tools I couldn’t but I somehow figured out a way to make do. I usually find an image of a friend, someone I follow or just something cool that someone’s done and ask if I can draw it. Its cool how much support people have shown me in a few months and it’s exciting because I’m pretty lame at skating but I found an artistic way to be involved in the community I love.


After getting to know the I Should Not Be Here boys they were all so creative and encouraging, throwing exhibitions and nights and it was cool to see what just some dudes could pull off. Once you’ve got a few mates in the skate community that are actually doing stuff it kinda gives you a support network and aspires you to have your own creative endeavors.


I think The No Comply Network is incredible because it provides comfort and opportunities for us creatives and it inspires other people to maybe have a shot at trying to create something. Later this year, I’ll be throwing an exhibition featuring other skaters and their art.


It’s cool to have a platform to support skaters and to provide them with events where they can meet other people interested in the same things and that’s how cool stuff starts.