Andrew is a skateboarder and oil painter based in New York City


I am a painter, but I have many other interests including skateboarding.


Well, I think skateboarding itself is an art, a sort of physical performance art like dancing or ice skating or something. I’m sure the appeal of skateboarding comes from a person’s desire to create and work at something to perfect it. So naturally skateboarding and people with artistic drives go hand in hand. I’m not sure I know of any skateboarders who don’t also make some sort of art or have other creative outlets.


Man, I have so many inspirations from skateboarding. Skateboarding shaped my interests from a young age especially musically. All I really had to hear music from was skateboard videos or the radio. I didn’t have MTV or anything as a kid on my TV at home but I had a good collection of skate videos. Made my taste in music very well rounded. I always looked up to Ed Templeton for being a very serious artist and skateboarder.


But as far as influencing my painting style I’d say that comes more from my interest in art history and books I’ve read and what not.


I think that’s great. Like I said before. It goes hand in hand and its cool to focus on both simultaneously I guess. Explore the relationships between different art forms like skateboarding and visual art and music. Very cool. Not that I can really talk about. But I’m painting a lot and plan on continuing to do so