Zander Sattee is an artist from Florida who skates and runs clothing company Doobie Doodles

“I draw, make music, make videos, design clothes, and sometimes try to make short cartoons.

I think skateboarding inspires me partly just because I love it and it gets me stoked and also because so many great skateboarders are amazing artists as well. It’s inspiring to see how passionate and how dedicated skateboarders are about what they do, and I’ve just loved skateboarding and all the videos and stuff pretty much since I can remember. I’m not that good at explaining stuff in words haha.

I know everybody always says Gonz, but Gonz’s art and skating and everything is definitely one of my biggest inspirations of all time. All the older Girl and Chocolate videos with all the skits and stuff will probably always be my favorite, and the Anti-Hero videos get me really stoked. Also I was just thinking about Popwar the other day, they were sick haha and I also like Frog Skateboards a lot.

I think the No Comply Network is a really awesome idea, I’m always down to support people doing cool stuff for the art and skate communities. I’m honoured to be a part of it, you guys are killing it.

Going to be doing a fall clothing drop soon with some re-issues and some new products, also the Doobie Doodles video titled “Hiccup” is close to being completed, so that will be dropping soon featuring the Doobie Doodles skate team an original soundtrack from me and my friends. Always working on new drawings, I would love to do a pop up or show some stuff in a gallery, I’m trying to get some new short cartoon skits done in the near future also.

Doobie Doodles 4 Life!!!!!”


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Painting from Goodfellas lol...

Painting from Goodfellas lol…

Painting from Goodfellas lol 2020-03-24 17:37:21 Source …
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