Jazz is a skater and illustrator


Skateboarding is the best thing out there! It opens your eyes to such a varied and creative world, it gives you the chance to meet so many people and look at life around you in a completely different way. Skateboarding and making some form of art or expressing yourself creatively is the key to happiness.


When I have an idea for an illustration I usually just go straight in with pen or paint and hope for the best, filling up space with repeating pattern and line work and hope to make something visually appealing.


I’m really into Japanese skateboarding as the videos and art are on another level like Evisen and Tightbooth, brands such as Magenta Skateboards, Krooked, Traffic Skateboards and Polar and All Project Skateboarding and their art direction in such a unique and exciting way, that gets me hyped and brakes away from the norm.


Skaters like Max Palmer, Erik Winkowski and Brent Atchley get me hyped!


Artists such as Ed Templeton  Paradox Hirotten , Egon Schiele and Gonz all have a huge influence on my illustrations.


The No Comply Network is rad because it gives creative people a chance to showcase their art and get into the public eye and get influenced by each other and connect their passions!


I skate and film with Forde Brookfield and the Baghead Crew and all my mates and make a ton of art.


I want to make more product and exhibit my work to a wider audience and do more projects with people!