Daryl is a skater and DJ sponsored by Vans


Skateboarding is an expressive and creative art form in itself, so naturally the relationship it shares with other creative outlets like art and music are similar. They vibrate on a mutual level.


Skateboarding is my first love and its taught me how to channel my own creativity and push myself physically and mentally.


Dedicating yourself to a moment or an idea to the point and being able to overcome physical and mental pain is hard but achieving it feels amazing. But then again in the same way when you try a trick for hours and don’t do it, it can be just as liberating.


By accepting failure you can find peace of mind and it can teach you more about yourself than actually getting what you wanted most of the time.


With music it’s the same, you have to push yourself a lot and if you jam with people that you don’t know you can discover things about how you play and it makes you appreciate those who you share common ground with.


For me, skating, music and all things artistic are interconnected. I skate to my friends house on the other side of town and I’ll wack on afro-beat, rock or soul and it’ll make me feel like cruising a certain way.


Sometimes I’ll stick on some Bebop Jazz or Explosions In The Sky and it’ll make me wanna charge as fast as I can like I’m Dennis Busenitz bombing around San Francisco.


Sometimes I listen to stuff I made with my friends and just see how it affects me when i’m cruising. Music is so powerful man, it’s a vibration and our energy syncs with it on an atomic level, it can change your mood, inspire thoughts and give you energy to focus on what you need to do.


I think Helena Long is inspiring: she’s the best girl skater in this country, she’s in a band that tours all over the world, kills it with illustration and she has the best energy ever, always compassionate, forever smiling.


You can’t help but be inspired by people like her.


The No Comply Network is incredible.


It’s a platform of which realises the creative talents of skateboarders and allows us all to see a slice of that person from a different, creative dimension. We can all connect on that level and I’m backing it 110%.


Right now, I’m working on raising awareness for Skate Nepal with the goal to build skateparks around Nepal and bring skateboarding’s creative and social benefits to the Nepalese community.

Go to www.skate-nepal.com to learn more.