The Hated are a collective of skateboarders and artists


Our relationship with skating is a love/hate one, we love to skate and hate injuries. We love creativity…having an idea and pursuing that into something real is very satisfying. starting a brand is very difficult, it’s tricky thinking about ideas that you think are good but also that other people think are good too and more importantly, will spend money on.


We’ve tried to be creative with what we do, but stay true to what we love and so far everything has been received well so fat and every single line has been a strong seller. At the end of the day as long as you believe in what you are doing you will enjoy it.


The Hated is for anyone and everyone, it started out as a joke and quickly become something we were proud of and began to push. We started the brand because we wanted to do something fun, but also something else that nobody else was really doing.


We try and do things differently, we don’t have a “team” as such, especially due to the nature of the brand. We do have a group of our mates who we sort out with product regularly in the way that other companies do, a certain amount of product a month etc, but we see ourselves more as a group of mates and we try and hook up everyone within our crew. Some people skate more than others and go through product slower or faster. Some have got more P than others so we just try and make sure everyone’s nice.


One other thing we’ll do instead say, if we see someone skating hard and putting in a shift then we’ll reach out to them and offer them some boards and clothes. All profit we make goes back into what we do and making more product and helping our mates. Same again with filmers and photographers, we want to make sure they’re getting hooked too when we’re filming tricks or doing ad shots etc.


All of ideas come from our collective brains then we have a few artists that we work with who help to turn them into something real. We’ve got some new bits with Jeremy Jones coming up soon too.


We think The No Comply Network is amazing, it gives a platform to lesser known up and comers and really actually cares about the scene. BUY OUR SHIT.