Vincent Jugnet is a skater and filmer from Lyon, France


Music is one of the most inspiring things to me, when I hear a song I like, I’ll be thinking right away of how I can edit it, or what skater I know it could fit with.


The cool thing with the internet is that we have now access to plenty of media and we are able to choose the content we are interested in.


I’ve just finished filming a new part with Flo Mirtain that’s out now and another one with JB Gillet for Nike SB. I’m also filming for a new series on Thrasher with Max Geronzi called Gronzeisland


I think that the relationship between the skateboarder and the filmer is really important, we really do this together all the way.


When filming, skaters sometimes ask me to film from another angle or another way different from the way that I want to, we talk about it and pick the best one or the editing process by picking the best clips, picking the song…We both have to be happy with it!