Vincent is a skater and filmer who runs Reckless Abandon


My names Vincent Kelsey, but everyone calls me Vinnie.


I own my own little brand called Reckless Abandon, we make clothing and I do all the illustrations, graphics and monthly videos. I do everything you see apart from some of the photos, the other dudes on the squad shoot them. I also do freelance films and illustration while working a full-time job.


For me personally, skateboarding and making art goes hand in hand. If I didn’t skate I don’t think I would be doing the stuff I do today or be into the stuff that I like.


Skateboarding has opened me up to different bands, styles of music, art, fashion…. the list goes on. Going on street missions, meeting new people, seeing different types of architecture it has all helped with my art and filmmaking process. All you have to do is spend a little time looking around.


The first videos I noticed that got me more into the creative process was the Transworld videos which started with Sight Unseen.


Even the magazine photos have always had an artistic quality to them that I’ve always appreciated.


At the moment my favourite is Ty Evans, he’s the man!


I also really like Russell Houghten’s work as well but I watch as much as possible because there are things to learn from each video as every filmer has their own style and approach to putting a video together.


I think The No Comply Network is great!


The skate community is filled with so many creative individuals doing a variety of things it’s crazy and it’s nice to know there’s someone out there trying to help us out.


Anything set up for skaters by skaters is a good thing, you can’t go wrong!


I’m going to carry on putting out the monthly Reckless edits and working on the brand.


I’m also currently re-doing the Reckless site which is almost done. I’ve been working on some band stuff as well, so those should be ready pretty soon as well.