Chris is a skater and photographer


As with many others, skateboarding certainly influenced and continues to inform my interest in photography.


It’s rather cliche but photographs are an intrinsic part of how we relate to skateboarding.


It’s a relationship that synonymously thrives with context, skateboarding gives you the accessibility to some interesting locations and scenarios, at the same time it gives you the opportunity to document the latter that may otherwise not be as accessible.


Take brutalist architecture, its relationship with skateboarding gave myself and many others exposure to the architectural style which I now enjoy shooting.


The camera and the skateboard work in a similar way, as tools that are optimised in stimulating spaces.


For sure, I’m into Fred Mortagne’s work.

His distinguishable style and the high contrast shadows, lines and reflections put me onto photographers like Daidō Moriyama and Saul Leiter who are also an inspiration.


Pontus Alv, who does Polar Skate Co.’s ’s films are all great and so is Spirit Quest, Mandible Claw aka Colin Read’s recent release.


Colin takes a less conventional approach to skate videos which is always refreshing.


When was the last time you saw a VX do a Kickflip!?


I think The No Comply Network’s great for like minded and creative people to have a platform and point of reference.


In terms of plans for the future, I’ve got nothing set in stone at the moment.