Cosme is a skateboarder and illustrator who lives in London


Skateboarding has taught me to look at things. I face all things the same way I learned to face a spot or to try a trick.


Some days I feel clumsy and other days it feels natural and it is all really easy. It doesn’t matter if it is drawing or skating. It’s all about trying and failing and slowly – very slowly in my case – learning.


Everything inspires me but if it is somehow related to skateboarding then it would always feel dearer and closer to me. I love books about deck graphics. I can stare at old catalogues for hours on end. I love to watch old videos and any doc about skate history. Magazines, fanzines, anything and everything.


When I arrived in London I hardly knew anybody – let alone anybody who skated.


The No Comply Network was the greatest way to learn about people and to put names on some of those faces I stumbled upon while skating. And also to learn about the creative things that some of them make, which I would have never known about otherwise.


I’ve just finished working on the animations for Colin Read aka, Mandible Claw’s latest video “Spirit Quest” that premiered a couple of weeks ago at the Hoxton Arches.


I’ve also just finished working on some board graphics that should be out in early 2017.