Nick is a skater and filmmaker from Cardiff


Skating is open to interpretation on all levels, and the best skate films follow no particular pattern or formula.


Most new creations in our world are things that we’ve seen, emulated and reinterpreted.


The same applies to the way I do my stuff. I’ll see something I like, have a crack at the certain technique, then a happy accident may occur and I’ve come up with something which feels entirely new to me.


Also I’m not sure if it’s necessarily healthy, but I’m always scrutinising my work, which I think pushes me to improve.


Cliché skateboards’s Bon Appetit and Habitat Skateboards, Mosaic and Blueprint’s Waiting for the World I always find myself going back to.


Chris Mulhern has made some incredible edits in recent years too. All those videos are so well made, have such good art direction and music choices that you connect with them on a personal level. They bring back so many good memories and more than anything they inspire me to travel.


It’s amazing to see what everyone in The No Comply Network is upto.


Skaters have always known that we’re a creative bunch, it’s time for the rest of the world to see that. It will also bring skaters together to collaborate and whatnot which can never be a bad thing!


I’ve tried my hand at making music videos in recent months so there should be a couple more of those soon. While living in Asia for the past two years, I did a trip in Vietnam with Daryl Dominguez, Dennis Durrant, Jimmy Cao, Alex Lawton and Maxim Habanec that’s due to drop in July.