Jenna is a skater and photographer based in London


For me skateboarding and photography have always has gone hand in hand.


I started photographing friends down at Long Live Southbank in the late ‘90’s ( which was also around the same time I started skating) and I have never really stopped. I have always been particularly interested in documenting and giving exposure to female riders.


When I first started out magazines weren’t giving any (or very little) coverage to the ladies and that essentially is what spurred me on. I saw so many great riders out there and felt they too deserved the coverage. I have now been shooting skating for around 18 years and I think preservation of the history of female skating is another side to my work.


I love all of the TransWorld videos, especially First Love, incredibly creative and films by Pontus Alv’s Polar Skate Co. for the same reason.


Death Skateboards are just always funny giving their videos a human element – Mark Nicholson’s world’s longest line around Harlow with commentary from Dan Cates pushing him to keep going is still a favourite.


My favourite photographer is Giles Duley Photography and I regularly look at what he has shot for inspiration in my own work.


The No Comply Network is a great place to come and network – there are so few places and opportunities regularly advertised that this is the one skaters should definitely check out.


Last year I finished making my second all-female skate film, Days Like These. Lots of fun in the making of it but I have decided now to move back to projects focusing on photography, with maybe just a little bit of film slipped in there and should be putting something out as of January.