Chris Martin is a skater and digital illustrator from England


I do digital illustration mostly, graphic design, clothing, spray painting and anything else I fancy messing about with.


I have been skating for years but always end up getting awkward injuries, so its good to have something else I enjoy that doesn’t rely on dodgy ankles. Music and politics are also huge influences on me, I think as creators we must be very aware of the forces that play on us so we can think and speak our own minds.


The mindset of a skateboarder and artist are so similar, skateboarding gives you a different perspective of your surroundings and I think art does the same, the only difference is the subject you apply it to. I think that’s why so many skateboarders end up as creatives.


When I was young, Enjoi always made me want to go skate and make stuff, their ability to be a successful brand and retain a genuine personality is so sick.


More recently Isle Skateboards Vase video was so good to watch, seeing them skate crusty UK spots was so relatable, growing up in the countryside we had the worst spots – but didn’t skate them so well.


Nick Jensen and Jacob Harris did a great job with the visuals and mood that add to the insane skateboarding instead of overwhelming it. See a lot of videos where the balance between art and skating is off, which is a pet hate of mine.


We need more community networks like this! Skateboarding has a great community, you can always get along with complete strangers and have a good time. In my experience the art scene is a lot more separated which hopefully ideas like this can change that.


I am enjoying making graphic tees at the moment which I am looking to grow, but the impact of the fashion industry is heavy on the planet and people so I’m hoping to move towards more sustainable materials. If anyone has any suggestions, shout me.